I LOVE your IG account!  All the photos are so fun and colorful.  They remind me of 13 Going on 30, when Jenna does the yearbook spread for the win.  In a world with so much darkness and heaviness, Abookwithbea breathes fresh air – filled with friendship, spirit, vibrancy, and excitement – into IG.  I love it!” –Laura Fox, Author of Initiate

Your blog is really impressive! I see that you’re a Book Tour Host for a lot of really great Book Tours, and I think that really says a lot about your love of reading and your willingness to help authors (like me) get recognized and noticed and ultimately, read!” –Chantal Gadoury, Author of Allerleirauh

It’s a great site for wonderful book reviews. Plus, I have to say I love your Instagram photos. They’re beautiful.” –Cory Martin, Author of Lovesick

“Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my writing. It is an important way to help get the word out. I really appreciate it!” –Martin Wilsey, Author of Solstice Saga

“I appreciate that it’s very diverse with multiple genres and reviews and not just reviews about one specific kind of book. I also like how Bea incorporated various social media platforms to take a more creative approach to book blogging – such as with Instagram and how it’s used to accentuate the books being reviewed in a visual way.” –P. Anastasia, Author of Fluorescence Series

“Bea has a wonderful review blog to help authors from all genres acheive the goal they’re look to acheive. Bea’s blog is such an asset to the author community, especial those who have gone the independent route and need that publicity and to have their story told. I can not express my gratitude for Bea reaching out to me as a young author to help get my career started. Absolutely fantastic!” –Aaron Lerma, Author of The Rogue Chronicles

“ Just visited it and wow. You’ve interviewed so many international and local writers!” –Purpleyhan (Ann Lee), Wattpad Author

“ I like the layout of the blog. It’s easy to navigate and the design is clean. I also like the fact that there is a separate section for Q&As. I’m happy to be a part of your blog. Thank you for interviewing me.” –P. Wish, Author of My Life in 3 Colours

“aBOOKwithBEA is a vibrant and informative blog about the latest in YA literature. Bea’s enthusiasm for books and life in general radiates from the screen like pure energy. Then again, she’s a coffee head like me, so maybe it’s the caffeine.” –C.D. Verhoff, Author of Avant Nation

“Thanks for having me (: (:”Lindsay Cummings, Author of the Murder Complex

 “People who take their time to read books and share what they’ve learned are important to keeping the book world rolling. It doesn’t matter what’s inside a book if nobody ever sees it.  That’s kind of a sad thought.  It’s important work.  Plus the website looks great.  Which is always an added bonus.” –H.L. Brooks, Author of Red August

 “I think what you’ve got set up is ideal:) not only are you engaging with authors and readers simultaneously, but you promote the author’s work as well and show your own passion for reading!” –J. Kowallis, Author of the Enertia Trials

 Thanks for all the awesome questions, Bea, I hope you and your blog followers enjoyed my responses! I love hearing from readers, so I always encourage them to stop by and say hi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my blog, or on Goodreads, where I have a super-fun YA group called David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite. Happy reading!”David Estes, Author of the YA series’ The Dwellers Saga, The Country Saga, Salem’s Revenge, the Slip Trilogy, and The Evolution Trilogy, and the children’s series The Adventures of Nikki Powergloves

 Love it! It’s so elegant and fun – and her Instagram account is flawless!” –Melissa Holden, Author of Searching for Katherine, The Snow Killer & more

 “Great—Happy Reading!” –Daisy White, Author of Road Kill

 “I will definitely keep you in mind and add you to my lift of bloggers for any future releases.” –Megan Dukes, Author of the Mind Breaker Accounts

 “Sounds good.” –Bobby Foster

 “I’d love to answer your questions!” –Tarisa Marie, Author of Tainted Crimson

 “Thank you for asking!” –Ashley Earley, Author of the Darkest Light

 “Thank you! Have a great day!” –Diane J. Reed, Author of Bandits Hallow

 “Hearts are always welcome.” –Diana Scott, Author of Our Demons, Best Friend

 “I’d love to have you read and review my books!” –Christina Benjamin, Author of The Geneva Project

 “Ooohh, how fun!” –Pam Lorence, Voice Actress (for audiobooks)

 “I love your blog. It was so easy to navigate, and has such a clean, pretty look to it. I’ve crossed so many blogs and have literally found myself lost on them. So kudos to you for creating such an attractive, easy to navigate blog :-)” –Tammy Ferebee, Author

“You’ve got a beautiful blog, awesome IG account and WOW… Bloggers Unite, what a cool idea! I love all of it. ” –Andrea L Wells, Author of The Violet Hour Series