The Greatest Gift of All


A friend is a gift from God. What then if I received a lot? I wasn’t expecting to be friends with them at all—zesties and the intense squad. In fact, we once had a problem with each other. I had different plans with different people. And guess what? Those plans were burned into ashes. As it turns out, I had the best moments of my life with the people I least expect to be with. Good things really happen when you least expect it.

I was in a different section, away from my 2 best friends—we’re a group of three. It was one of the hardest situations I’ve dealt with my whole life. It was really hard for me to communicate with them, given the fact that we have different schedules. That caused me to lie low, especially to one of us—her. I don’t know what exactly happened to both of us. I just woke up one day and feeling like maybe, just maybe, we’re not matched to be friends.

I had to think and give both of us some space. I gave her time to think and I guess that’s when we decided it’s mutual. We tried to fix us, but unfortunately, it just really didn’t work. That made things harder because we’re a group of three. Although good thing is, we’re not in any way ignoring each other. We still say hi and smile at each other; just not the best of friends we used to be.

I don’t have any close friends in my section who I can really talk about everything. Big thanks to my bestie zesties, they let me join in and accepted me for who I am. Then followed, the intense squad was formed. I thought things were falling apart back then. But then I realized things are just becoming what they should really be–it’s starting to be right. God put change to my life so one day; I can open my eyes and see everything I’ve been trying to find was right beside me all along. I just really have to give it a chance.

A lot of things changed from then on. I started to know how to figure out the right friends I should be with and I became a better person. I guess that’s the greatest gift of all, to be a friend and to be given friends. That’s when I also realized we can’t gain anything without losing something.



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Just a few hours ago, my friend, Pamela Lorence emailed me the details about the contest her team’s hosting for their audio book publishing company. If you are a young adult writer, feel free to join!


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10 Ways on How To Do Well at School


Doing well in school doesn’t always mean you have to be one of the top students who have the highest grades. By doing simple things like having a good routine, respecting people and enjoying classes are just ways on how to do well at school. Here are some tips that will help you get through the school year:

1.) Pray before starting the day. It’s important to thank God for waking you up and giving you blessings. Praying is a good way to ask God for guide.

2.) Always think of your parents. Always appreciate your parents and their hard work. Your parents are doing everything for you. It’s fair enough to say you should do everything for them as well so they won’t feel like they’re working hard for nothing. Make them proud.

3.) Enjoy school. You’ll never succeed if you don’t love what you’re doing. Always have passion to try and discover new things. It won’t be easy but it’s always worth the high.

4.) Do your best. Always give your best when it comes to doing activities. One example is not leaving a blank space on a test (Always leave something behind even though you don’t know the right answer. You may never know, maybe it’s the right answer!)

5.) Never cheat. It’s better to get low scores as long as your conscience’s clean. Trust God and yourself in terms of answering and doing things. God will guide you through but the hard work will come from you.

6.) Never compare. Do remember that we’re all different. Never compare your work or your grades to everybody else’s because for sure, it’ll be different or even better. Comparing yourself to others will hinder your development. Just focus on your goal.

7.) Stay calm. If you failed at something, stay calm and move on. There’s no use of thinking about it for a long period of time. It’ll just grab your focus away. Know what you did wrong so you can do it right the next time.

8.) Have other fields of interest. Don’t just focus on your academics. Being part of an interest club is good way to refresh your mind from studying all day. It’s also a good way to avoid anxiety. With other fields of interest, your attention isn’t focused on academics itself. At least this way, you won’t have to feel so bad about failing one quiz because you’re expecting better things.

9.) Always maintain good attitude. Good grades don’t matter if you don’t have attitude. Don’t feel bad for people who succeed. You won’t lose anything by supporting others. It’s their thing and you have your own thing. Be unique.

10.) Be yourself. Being one’s self attracts real friends. Add to that; never try to be another person. Why try to be somebody else if God gave you the chance to be you? As Confucius says, “Rather than caring about whether or not you are known, strive to be worth knowing.”

I hope you find these tips helpful. Till next time! Oreos!



Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I last posted (excluding book reviews & book tours). I’m very sorry for not posting that often. I tried many times to post but I haven’t got the chance to. We’ve been everywhere with our family. Just making our two months vacation worth it!

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That’s all for today. Bea xx

Filipino Short Story: Iisang Bituin 


“Ayoko na, magbreak na tayo. Pagod na ako.” Bungad saakin ni Tyron. Hindi ko alam kung ano bang dapat na maramdaman ko ngayon. Sa isang idlap, yung bagay na pinakapinapakahalagahan ko…wala na.

Hindi ko alam kung anong sasabihin ko. Hahabulin ko ba siya o iiyak ba ako o hahayaan ko siya? Ang tanging alam ko lang ngayon ay nasasaktan ako kasi hindi ko alam kung anong nagawa ko’t nasabi niya yun. May nagawa ba kong hindi niya nagustuhan? Ano pa bang kailangan kong gawin?

Unti-unting bumagal ang ikot ng mundo ko nung lumakad na palayo si Tyron.

“Sabi ko naman sayo, maghintay ka muna.” Bungad ng isang pamilyar na boses-si Luke. Agad ko namang pinunasan ang mga luha ko nang maramdaman kong papalapit siya sa kinatatayuan ko.

“Huh? Ano bang sinasabi mo?” Ngiti ko. Humarap ako sakanya para makita niya na nakangiti ako. Hindi niya ko pwedeng makitang malungkot.

“Bata ka pa, Alistair. Marami pang lalaking mas bagay sayo-matuto ka lang maghintay.” Ngiti niya. Tropa siya ng kuya ko which means mas matanda siya saakin ng dalawang taon. Medyo awkward yung situation kasi syempre, tropa siya ni kuya. Kung anong makikita niya, sasabihin niya.

“Hindi naman ako naghahanap ng lalaking bagay saakin. Naghahanap ako ng lalaking magmamahal saakin.” Medyo mataray kong sabi kahit na sa totoo lang, gusto ko nang tumakbo at umiyak sa isang tabi.

“Kaya hindi dumadating kasi hinahanap mo. Paano kung hindi pa ‘to yung tamang panahon? Eka nga nila, mahirap hanapin ang ayaw magpahanap. Hindi hinahanap ang pag-ibig, kusang darating yan.”


“Alistair! Alistair! Gumising ka na nga diyan. Ma-lelate na naman tayo niyan eh.” Gising saakin ni Tiffany, kapatid ko. Hanggang ngayon napapaginipan ko pa rin yung sinabi saakin ni Luke noon.

Ilang taon na ang nakalipas magmula nung nangyari yung first heart break ko. Chos! Ito na ang huling taon ko sa kolehiyo which means, ilang buwan nalang, malaya na akong gawin lahat ng gusto ko. Ngayon kasi naghihigpit kami ng pera kasi syempre, kailangan para sa mga bayarin. Hay, grabe. Siguro kung hindi sinabi ni Luke saakin yun nuon, kinain na ako ng anxiety.

Nag-ayos na ako upang makapasok na. Pagkapasok ko sa kotse, naalala ko nanaman yung panaginip ko kanina. Actually hindi lang kanina, lagi kong napapaginipan yun. Anyways, ang sarap pala balikan nung mga panahon na sobrang drama ko pa. Halos nakapagsulat nga ako ng ilang tula’t nobela. Kung hindi naman siguro halata, isa sa mga pangarap ko ang maging tanyag na author. Madami akong pangarap. Sa sobrang dami, minsan tinatawanan nalang ako. Pero okay lang, lahat naman nagsisimula sa ganto.

Writing, Literature and Publishing ang kinuha ko. Homeschool lang ako kasi sa Emerson College ako nag-enroll. Boarding school yun kaso ayaw nila parents na pumunta ako sa Boston para lang dun. Isa pa, mahirap ldr. Chos! Hahaha.

Hayy. Kung hindi siguro dahil kay Tyron, hindi ako magiging ganto ngayon. Pinalakas at pinatatag niya ako ng sobra. Kung hindi dahil sakanya, hindi ko madidiskubre ang hilig ko sa pagsusulat at pagbabasa. At syempre, kung hindi dahil sakanya hindi ko mamahalin si Luke.

Oo, tama ang nabasa niyo. Mahal ko si Luke Ragonare-pero hindi kami. Meron siyang girlfriend. Of course, mas matanda saakin ng dalawang taon. Wala naman akong problema dun kasi marunong naman ako tumanggap ng totoo. Si Liana lang kasi ang may problema. Close ang kuya ko at si Luke, sabit niyo na ko. Syempre laging pumupunta si Luke sa bahay dahil may practice sila para sa banda. Eto namang si Liana, akala ako ang pinupuntahan ng boyfriend niya. Kaya ayun, isang araw nilapitan ako ni Liana at sinabing huwag na daw akong makikipag-usap kay Luke.

Ako namang tanga, sumunod. Nagsisisi na ako, oo na. Wala naman kasi kaming ginagawang masama kaya hindi ko dapat nilayuan si Luke. Pero mahirap din kasi eh. Kung kaya nang lumayo sa gulo, lumayo na.

Ngayon kapag nagkikita kami, parang wala lang. Hindi na nga kami makatingin sa isa’t-isa. Nagpupunta pa rin naman ang banda nila sa bahay namin pero hindi na katulad ng dati na ako ang naghahanda ng meryenda nila.

“Alistair, mauna na ako.” Paalam saakin ni Tiffany. Ngumiti nalang ako bilang sagot. Hays, kahit kelan talaga hindi marunong mag-ate ‘to. Makapunta na nga sa locker-Kung hindi ka nga naman minamalas… papunta si Luke sa guard house. Anong ginagawa niya dito? Dapat nasa trabaho na siya. Ano bayan, eto nanaman yung awkwardness. Lumakad lang ako parang dati, kunwari walang nakita. Ganun pa di-

“Pssst. Huy.” Sabi niya. Nung una wala akong reaction pero nang tumingin ako sakanya at napansin kong nakatingin siya saakin, tumingin ako sa likuran at gilid ko. Ano ba, baka hindi naman ako yung kinakausap.

“Huy, Ali.” Okay. Ako nga. Hindi ko siya pinansin at nagpatuloy lang sa paglalakad. Ang labo ko talaga. Kapag gusto ko siyang makita, hahanapin ko. Pero kapag naman asa harap ko na, ipagtatabuyan ko. Ano ba talaga, Ali?

“Huy. Pwede ba tumigil ka sa paglalakad?” Edi iyan, Tumigil ako. Madali naman akong kausap. Syempre, tumigil lang ako pero hindi ako humarap sakanya. And drama, chos!

“Bakit ba hindi ka na namamansin? Nakakasakit ka na ah.”

“Ah, ganun ba? Sige.” Sabi ko at magpapatuloy na sana lumakad nang bigla nanaman siyang magsalita.

“Seryoso, Ali. Bakit ba?” Ngiti nito. Pasalamat ka gwapo ka. Este, ang pangit mo pala.

“Tanong mo kay Liana.” Ngiti ko sakanya pabalik at tuluyan nang umalis. Duh, kung hindi pa ako umalis baka ma-late ako sa klase. Late ako gumigising pero never akong nalate sa attendance. Given the fact na close kami nung secretary.


Nakakastress talaga ang buhay mag-aaral. Unang araw palang ng linggo ang dami nang bagong project. Aba’y gusto ata kaming maging zombie. Umuwi na ako diretso bahay, hindi muna ako um-attend ng club ngayong hapon. Tinatamad ako tsaka ang dami-daming project. Sabihin ko nalang kay Sir na masama pakiramdam ko.

Dumiretso ako sa kwarto ko pagka-uwi ko. Hays, andito nanaman yung mga ugok. Nagbihis na ako at bumaba para kumain. I did the usual things and so on. Nang matapos ako, dumiretso ako sa kwarto ko. Maglalaptop ba muna ako, matutulog o gagawin na yung projects? Alin sa tatlo?

*Knock* *Knock*


*Knock* *Knock*

Lokohan lang teh? Binuksan ko ang pinto ko.

“Oh, ano nanamang kailanga-” Expected ko si kuya yung kumakatok. Si Luke pala.

“Pwede ka bang maka-usap?” Ngiti nito.

“Hindi pa ba tayo nag-uusap?”

“I mean, basta. Sa garden tayo.” Hindi na niya ako hinintay na maka-oo. Hinila na niya ko pababa ng stairs. Kapag talaga ako namatay ng wala sa oras, mumultuhin ko ‘tong ugok na ‘to. Nang makarating kami sa garden, hindi na ako nag-aksaya ng oras. Buti nalang at madami akong projects, may excuse akong pumunta kaagad sa kwarto ko.

“Oh, ano na sasabihin mo? Siguraduhin mo lang na may kabuluhan yan ha? Madami pa kong project na gagawin.” Sabi ko sakanya. Umupo’t nangalumbaba naman ako sa table para magsilbing sign na hindi ako intresado sa kung anong sasabihin niya.

“Kamusta na?”

“Koya, hindi tayo nag-uusap sa facebook. Diretsohin mo na. Anong kailang-”

“MAY GUSTO AKO SAYO!” Ah, yun la-ANO DAW!? Nagulat ako pero kaagad kong binawi yung pagkagulat ko at umaktong walang narinig. Chill lang, heart. Why are you beating so fast? ‘Di porket narinig mo na yung gusto mong marinig ganyan ka na. Cooperate with me.

“Paano kung sabihin ko sayong wala akong gusto sayo?” Chill kong sagot. Feel na feel ko na nag-iinit na yung mukha ko. Sobra. Buti nalang at mainit ngayon.

“May pag-asa ba?” Meron. Hoho. Pero magiging pakipot muna ko. Minsan lang ‘to eh. Ang pabebe ko talaga, hays.

“Katulad nga ng sabi mo… Matutong maghintay.” Ngiti ko sakanya at paakyat na sana.

“Oo nga pala. Pasensya na sa nagawa ni Liana sayo. Hindi ko talaga alam na sinabi niya yun sayo. Kung alam ko lang edi san-”

“Okay lang. No worries. ’twas my pleasure.” Umalis na kaagad ako sa garden. Ghad, kahit naman may gusto ako sakanya doesn’t mean ganun nalang. Tsaka, oo kinilig ako kanina pero more than that? ‘Di pa ko ready. Ayoko na ng corny. Nakakadurdur huhu.

Pagka-akyat ko sa kwarto, nagtatalon ako at mahinang sumigaw. This is it, Alistair! Yes. Yes. Yes. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happ-Teka, may nakalimutan akong sabihin.

Dahil hindi ako yung tipong marunong makipaghalubilo sa ibang tao, sinulat ko nalang sa papel yung gusto kong sabihin. Okay lang yan, mababasa naman niya eh. Parang ganun na rin yun. Ilalagay ko nalang sa bag niya para makita niya. Dami kong alam noh? Hoho. Ganyan kasi kapag maganda.


Madami akong pangarap at sigurado akong ikaw rin. Tuparin muna na’tin yun tsaka ituloy kung ano man ang ka-cornihan na binabalak mong gawin.


Tapos na ang graduation which means, tapos na. Tapos na yung mga araw na gigising ako ng sobrang aga para mag-review para sa exam at kung ano-ano pa. Masaya pero nakakalungkot din. Andaming memories ang nabuo at syempre, life must go on. Iba-iba kami ng pangarap ng mga kaibigan ko which means we need to be apart para matupad yun. Medyo mahirap pero okay lang. Haha!

Speaking of, pupunta ako ngayon sa America dahil may naghire saakin bilang Commissioning Editor sa isang publishing company. Medyo mataas yung posisyon kasi of course, connections. Mahirap ang trabaho ng isang Commissioning Editor pero kakayanin. Gusto ko yung trabahong yun kaya worth it. Kesa naman ako yung magpatakbo ng kumpanya namin. No thanks, that belongs to my brother.

“Congratulations, Ali!” Bati saakin ni Luke. Si Luke ang naghahandle ng kumpanya nila kaya medyo easy life siya.

“Thanks, stranger.”

“Sobra naman. Maka-stranger ka parang-bahala na nga! Tara na. Hinihintay ka na sa bahay niyo.” Pumasok na kami sa kotse niya papuntang bahay. Habang nagdadrive siya, naisipan kong sabihin sakanya ang magiging trabaho ko sa America. Sandali lang naman yun. Kumbaga parang job experience lang for 3 years and then babalik ako dito saka magtatayo ng sarili kong pub house.

“Luke?” Ngiti kong sabi. Sa totoo lang, kinakabahan ako ngayon.


“Nabanggit na ba sayo nila Dad yung tungkol sa trabaho ko sa America?” Pagkasabi ko niyan, ramdam ko ang biglang pagbabago niya ng mood. Nawala na yung ngiti niya at parang naging seryoso na siya.

“O-oh? Hindi ako na-inform. Kelan?”

“Next week, Thursday. Sama ka sa airport ha?” Hininto niya yung kotse sa isang tabi atsaka kinausap ako.

“Bakit hindi mo saakin sinabi kaagad?” Seryoso niyang tanong. Uh-oh. Eto na nga.

“Ngayon ko lang rin naman nalaman. Atsaka stop being serious, can you? Ang gandang opportunity nun. It’s only for three years.” Cheerful kong sabi sakanya. I’m trying to make the deal smaller para wala nang drama.

“Three years? Madaming pwedeng mangyari sa three years, Ali. Dito ka nalang.”



“Lu-luke, please? Ngayon lang. Three years. Pwede ka namang dumalaw-dalaw saakin every year o kaya whenever you can.”

“Ali, that’s not that easy. Mahigpit ang schedule ng company namin ngayon. Lalo’t may bagong ila-launch na project sila papa.” Malungkot nitong sabi. Ano bang dapat gawin ko? I’m not good at this.

“Three years is all I ask. Mahirap bang ibigay yun?” Tanong ko while smiling. Please, sana maintindihan mo ako. Hindi na siya nagsalita pa at pinagpatuloy ang pagda-drive niya. Alam naman niya kung gaano ka-importante yung pangarap ko eh. Sana maintindihan niya dahil itutuloy ko pa din.

Nag-celebrate kami para sa graduation ng hindi kami masyadong nag-uusap. Eto yung kinakatakutan ko eh. Hindi ko muna pala dapat sinabi sakanya. Lumipas ang ilang araw at dumating na ang araw ng flight ko. Hindi nakapunta si Luke dahil may mahalang meeting daw. Masama man ang loob ko, pinilit ko nalang siyang intindihin.

“Kapag tayo, tayo talaga. See you soon, Luke.” Text ko sakanya bago pumasok ng airport. This is it.






Ano ba yan! ‘Tong messenger na ‘to, idi-delete ko ‘to eh. Nakakabwisit. Kahapon pa ako walang tulog dahil sa kakabasa ng mga new books na pinapasa. Err!

Kinuha ko yung iphone ko at dun, binuksan ko yung sinend ni Ayla na pictu-

Si Li-Liana at si Lu-luke? Bakit sila magkasama sa bar? Sila ba? Tumayo ako ng kama at in-on yung ilaw. Bumalik ako sa kama at sumandal sa head board. Isang buwan din kaming hindi nakapag-skype ni Luke. Alam naman niya na busy ako eh. Pero… ‘di pa din yun sapat na rason. Bakit sila magkasama?

Limang buwan nalang matatapos na yung kontrata ko dito. Ilang buwan nalang oh.


Ako: Ayla, sila ba?

Ayla: Oo daw eh. Hindi na kami masyadong

nagkakausap ng banda kasi busy na sa mga

trabaho. Pero ewan, sinend sakin ni Nico

eh. Send ko daw sayo.

Ako: Ah, ganun ba. Sige. Pakisabi nalang kay

Luke na mag-skype kami mamaya o bukas.

Ayla: Sige, sige. Ingat ka jan! Miss ka na

namin dito.


Hinintay ko si Luke na tawagan ako pero wala eh. Araw-araw akong nag-intay sa loob ng tatlong buwan pero walang Luke na tumawag saakin. Ganun na lang yun?

Hindi ako masyadong nakapag-online dahil na rin sa dami ng trabahong kailangan kong tapusin. Given the fact na malapit na rin matapos ang kontrata ko. Hay… Hindi na siguro mag-oonline yun.

*Phone ringing*


“You ready, Lisa?”

“Yeah. I’ll be down in five.” Kinuha ko na yung bag ko at lumabas na. Papunta kami ng mga katrabaho ko sa park. Mag-cecelebrate lang ng konti para sa approved proposal at syempre, dahil malapit na rin matapos yung term ko. Sulitin na.

Nang makarating kami sa park, iniwanan ko muna sila sa pwesto namin para bumili ng milk tea. Sobrang nagke-crave ako ngayon. Ang ganda ng mga bituin ngayon. Specially yung malaki sa may bandang gitna.

“I’m sorry.” Sabi ko sa nabangga ko. Ang tangkad niya, nakakahiya. Nalaglag yung dala-dala niyang kung ano kaya tinulungan ko siya. Ako din naman yung may kasalanan eh.

“Here you go, sir. I’m very sorry.” Pagkatingin ko sa lalaki, nabagsak ko ulit yung gamit niya.

“Lu-Luke?” Gulat kong sabi. Grabe, ang mature na ng itsura niya. He’s a man now. He’s features made him look like one. Mas tumangkad din siya.

“Hey. How’s life?” Tanong niya. Nang magising ako sa katotohanan, kinuha ko ulit yung mga gamit na nahulog ko.

“Leave it. I can do it.” Tulong niya. He’s voice even changed.

“So, how are you? I mean, how’s life with Liana?” Ngiti kong tanong. Akala ko ‘pag nagkita kami matutuwa ako. Turns out, para akong majejebs sa kaba.

“I’m fine. We’re fine.” Ngiti niya. Okay, dapat pala hindi ko na tinanong.

“Oh. So it’s true.”

“What’s true?”

“You and Liana? Together?”

“Oh, no, no. Let me correct that. Me and you.” Okay. Anong dapat kong sabihin? Tinignan ko lang siya dahil to be honest, I’ve got nothing in mind.

“Joke. Ano ka ba! Nagtrabaho ka lang dito ini-english mo na ko.” Sabi niya at hinug ako. Okay, what’s with this guy? Hindi ko maintindihan ang nangyayari. Ang slow magprocess ng utak ko.

“Ano daw?”

“Ang tagal kitang hinanap dito, kelan ko lang nalaman na iba pala ang tawag nila sayo dito.” Batok niya sakin. Oncea Luke, always a Luke.

“Hinanap mo ko?”

“Yea. Lisa Ali, eh? Bakit mo iniba? You’re into modeling din pala. Kung hindi ko nakita sa billboard, hindi ko malalaman.” Kaya pala hindi ka na nag-oonline.

“Alam mo, sumama ka muna saamin. Mukha tayong ewan dito, nasa gitna ng daan.”

“Alam mo, namiss kita.” Sabi niya.

“Ah.. Na-namiss din kita.” Ngiti kong sabi sakanya. Ano ba yan, para kaming bumabalik sa pagka-teenager.

“Meron na bang bago?”

“Anong bago?”

“Pwede pa ba? Hindi pa ba huli?” Ngiti niyang tanong.

“Uh. Haha… hindi naman. Ano nga palang ginagawa mo dito?”

“Wala. Pinapanuod yung mga bituin. Specially yung pinakamalaki sa may gitna. Ang ganda eh. Gives me hope na makikita din kita.” Sabi niya na siya namang naging dahilan ng pagtingin naming dalawa sa mga bituin. Hindi ko alam kung anong meron pero feel ko umiyak.

“Bakit ka umiiyak? Ang ganda ng mga bituin-hindi sila dapat iniiyakan.” Sabi niya atsaka pinunasan yung luha ko. Wala akong pake kahit madaming tao. It’s now or never. Humarap ako sakanya at pinagmasdan siya. Nandito nga siya talaga sa harap ko.

“Nakapaghintay ka.” Sabi ko sakanya at ngumiti.

“Kasi mahal kita.” Alam kong medyo nagiging corny na pero for love’s sake, matagal kong hinintay ‘to.

“Oh, tigil na. Punta na tayo sa mga kaibigan mo.”

“Paano mo alam na may kasama ako?”

“Kasi andun lang sila oh!”

“Hahahahaha, tara na nga!”

Hays. Mahal na mahal ko ‘tong lalaking ‘to. Hinding-hindi ko na siya paghihintayin pa. Napakatagal na niyang nag-iintay, he deserves to be happy. Hindi ko sasabihing ‘happily ever after’ na pero ang mahalaga, magkasama kami. Kahit madami pang problema, alam kong kakayanin naming.

Hanggang dito nalang ang pwede kong i-kwento. Paano na yan?

10 Tips & Tricks for Book Reviewers

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Before anything else, I just want to inform you that I’m in no way expert with this. I’m just giving tips base on my experience. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!


  1. Review should be at least 250 words. Make it short but precise.
  2. Review should consist of 2 parts:
  • How you see/describe the book WITHOUT SPOILERS.
  • Reason why you like/dislike the book.
  1. Review should be honest all the time. It’s not bad to express what you really feel about the book but before posting a review, at least think of something polite but honest.
  2. Make sure you’re doing a book review and not a book report.
  3. Make it inspiring and approachable. You’re doing a book review because you want to share your experience to other buyers that might be interested in buying the book you’re reviewing.
  4. It is best to use your creativity when writing book reviews. If you prefer a fun book review, it’s always best to use a little humor.
  5. There are circumstances that we tend to copy other book reviewers’ words unintentionally so it’s best to finish your book review first before reading others’ reviews. So that the idea when writing your book review’s unique.
  6. You shouldn’t be talking about the author on the review. You can add a little message but never talk about the author’s behavior.
  7. Write your book review as if you’re talking to a friend.
  8. Make sure your facts about the book are accurate.

So that’s all for today! I really hope this helps. I’ll be posting more of this soon. Good day and have a Happy New Year!




Blog Tour: Stronger With Her by JA Hensley

Title: Stronger With Her
Author: JA Hensley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 1, 2015 
Stephanie’s life has been on auto pilot for years. Growing up a child prodigy with a troubled family does that to a woman. Her job as a computer tech just reinforces her invisibility. She wants to be seen, to be noticed, and her solution is working part-time as a dancer. What she wants more than anything else, is to be known. 

James suffered a tragic loss four years ago and has since kept his focus on work. He’s built Owens Ammunition from the ground up to be a very successful company. When his buddy makes him attend a birthday party, he’s forced to go outside his comfort zone. That’s when he sees her on stage and his world shifts on its axis.
One night, one dance, one fateful meeting that changes two lives forever. Will he find that he’s stronger with her?

“Now coming to the main stage is The Shady Sprocket’s very own Vixen!” Paul turns around, practically jumping out of his seat to get closer to the stage. I shake my head and sit back down, effectively moving as far away from the stage as possible. If Paul’s excitement is any indication of how this girl is, my bladder will have to wait so I can watch him make an ass of himself.
All the lights dim as the spotlight focuses on the curtains at the back of the stage. The opening chords of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” are blaring through the speakers, and I roll my eyes at the cliché song. Every stripper uses this one at some point. The curtains open and this tiny woman wearing platform heels, a black leather halter top and the tiniest skirt with zippers up both sides that barely covers her ass slinks out from backstage.
To be fair, everyone is tiny compared to me but she can’t be taller than five and a half feet without her stripper shoes. Walking slowly and seductively up the stage, looking at the men like she wants to eat them, she stops at the pole, leans her back against it and slides down to the floor. She humps the floor a couple times, bounces up to her feet, reaches behind and pulls herself up the pole. She spins around slowly and as she does she slides down, ending in the splits. This routine continues for the duration of the song. All the while, men are throwing money at the stage and vying for her attention while she takes her clothes off, leaving her in just heels and the tiniest black thong on earth.
Just as the song reaches the bridge, she looks directly at me. I find that I can’t look away, like there’s something holding my gaze to hers.
With long black hair, sparkling blue eyes, and plump red lips begging to be kissed, she’s beautiful. There’s no denying it, but it’s something else. I watch her on the stage, twirling on the pole and she looks . . . happy. Most of the women in here look bored like they’re trying to imagine themselves anywhere else. This woman, however, is smiling and enjoying herself; showing off her gorgeous tits as she hangs upside down, sliding toward the stage slowly. My friends have been dragging me here for years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Obviously, neither have the rest of these men who are going crazy. I can’t believe the sight in front of me of grown men practically crawling over each other to get closer to the stage.
The bouncers must hate this. My friends are in the thick of the crowd, and I shake my head. Being over six five, I don’t have any problem watching the show from where I am. Def Leppard continues to blare out of the speakers, and she moves perfectly with the music. She’s really good and she knows it, teasing and wiggling just enough to keep the dollar bills floating to the stage. Why have I never seen her before and why can’t I take my eyes off her? I feel like I’m under some sort of spell, drawn in by a force I can’t explain but not wanting to fight it at all. It’s not lust; it’s something else.
She smiles and winks at me just before spinning one more time to land on the floor in the splits as the music comes to an end to the loudest cheers I’ve ever heard in here. This girl knows what she’s doing.
The volume of the crowd is deafening as they chant, “Vixen! Vixen!” It takes two men to help her pick up all the money on the stage but she walks slowly around the stage lifting the bills and giving everyone a little bit more attention. I follow her every move, unable to look away. When she finally makes her way backstage, the spell is broken, and I feel like a part of me is missing. What the fuck is that about? I throw back the shot that has apparently been waiting for me and shake my head to clear it.

J.A. Hensley’s debut novel, Wedding Dreams, was named an Amazon Erotica Best Seller. She loves smut of all kinds and is a reader first. J.A. is constantly working on a new project, whether it’s writing or working in her craft room. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, and spends her days teaching college students about social work and human sexuality.

Amazon USA Best Seller Erotica Category #91
With This Ring: Amazon USA Free Erotica #1
Amazon Best Seller Romantic Suspense: Australia #60; Canada #23; USA #92
Winner: Sexiest Alpha Male—Ever After Author Event Readers Choice



National Novel Writing Month happens every November! It’s a fun, seat-of-your-pants writing event where the challenge is to complete an entire novel in just 30 days. For one month, you get to lock away your inner editor, let your imagination take over, and just create!

That means participants begin writing November 1 and must finish by midnight, November 30. The word-count goal for our adult program is 50,000 words, but the Young Writers Program (YWP) allows 17-and-under participants to set reasonable, yet challenging, individual word-count goals.

In 2014, over 300,000 adults participated through our main site, and nearly 90,000 young writers and educators participated through the YWP. // ADD ME:

EXCERPT: Zola Flash by T. Marie Alexander

Zola Flash (Zola Flash, #1)

Zola Flash
by T. Marie Alexander
Release Date: October 30th 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

Zola is a Victian. And for as long as she’s been alive, her planet has been at war with the ruthless, demeaning Payohlini.

After witnessing the gruesome murder of her family, Zola Flash decides it is time to escape with the one person she was taught to hate before she meets the same fate. Earth seems to be the perfect place to hide out – to pretend her whole life didn’t come crashing down.

While on Earth, fitting in and making new friends are Zola’s main goal. It’s what she wants. A family to call her owns. But then, Zola uncovers family lies and the true reason behind this never ending war.

Now it’s up to Zola and the enemy, who is swiftly stealing her heart, to save her people and gain retribution for her family. But when revenge and protecting her people mean relinquishing her freedom, she’s left with a difficult choice.

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Pin searches my eyes as if the truth lies within them, before he pulls up a seat and sits in front of me. “Zola, how old are you?” he asks in a steady voice.

“Sixteen. Why?”

“Two years early,” Pin murmurs to himself.

He gets up and paces across the floor. He glares at me for a moment in a way that worries me. In a few strides, he marches back over to me, grabs me off the bed, and cradles me in his lap. He traces a finger across my healed wounds, as I daze into those immaculate eyes of his.

Halting in his ministrations, he frowns. “Would you like to hear a bedtime story before I leave?” he asks without meeting my gaze.

“I think I am a little too old, but okay.”

He takes a deep breath and begins, “Around sixteen years ago, when I was seven, my father was called to fight in the battle between our people. I didn’t want my father fighting, so he asked to be dismissed from his duties. I guess what I wanted wasn’t what I needed. A few days later, I found my father’s lifeless body on the floor.” His eyes crease slightly at the corners as he continues, “Before my father’s executioners could get to me, the Payohlini Guardians came and adopted me. They prepared me in the ways of the Guardians. On my eighteenth birthday, they assigned me a charge to look after. She was an adorable eleven year older. She had the most magnificent stardust blue eyes.” Pin looks up at me, a pain in his eyes that tugs at me somewhere within my chest. “So I studied her. Her flaws and perfection. Her past and future. But what I discovered . . .” He trails off.

“So . . . um . . . I guess you are an expert on all things Zola.” I smile, trying to make light of the moment, until the rest of his story slowly sinks in. “But I don’t understand. Why do I need a guardian? I’m no one special. I am just a normal Victian girl.”

“Are you telling me you don’t know anything about yourself? About the war?”

I shake my head.

“Why do you think Rican and I refer to you as Princess?”

I frown. “I thought it was an insult.”

Pin seems to study me for a long time. I trail my fingers over his silky black hair, but he jerks away from me. Taking that as my signal, I remove myself from Pin’s lap and cross back to the bed.

“You’ve had a long day, Princess,” he says gruffly. “Get some rest and I’ll tell you more of the story later.”

“Wait.” I twisted back. “I have one more question.”


“Why did they choose you to be my guardian?”

“They gave me the honor of protecting you because I’m the youngest. The Guardians wanted someone who could work well with you. Figured I could. Now get some rest.”

I watch Pin leave with longing in my soul. Why do I feel so much for him when I’ve only known him a day? Why doesn’t he feel the same way?

More importantly, why would the Payohlini assign him to guard me when they are at war with my people?