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“Dream fantasy, live reality.”

Meet Bea Flores, 13 years old, Filipino blogger from Saudi Arabia. Her passion for books started when her mom told her that reading is one of the most beautiful things a human can experience. As a child, she became interested that instant. After so, she started to like how books look like and how they smell. Her first book haul was from a thrift shop. She can even remember how ridiculous it is to actually read a book when she doesn’t even understand any of it.

As she grew older, she became more active in social media. Her best friend had suggested that she should check out the Wattpad app, where you can read thousands of free stories. From then on, her passion ignited.

She started her bookstagram account on July 17, 2015 and later on decided to create a blog on July 24, 2015. As she explores the book community, she meets great people and made international & local author-publisher connections. Then comes November 2015, the month when she became a host for different book tour companies. On June 2016, she received her first brand rep title. A lot of well known people have noticed her as abookwithbea such Shawn Johnson, Jennifer Niven, Alex Gonzaga, Bailey May, Sasha Alsberg, Benjamin Oftomes, Christine Riccio, Aly Almario, Carey Corp,  Lorie Langdon, Lindsay Cummings, Soman Chainani and so on.

She’s still planning to join the booktube community, but she’s not yet sure due to her busy life. As a teen, she also loves to do many things such: sleeping, eating, playing sports, dancing, singing, drawing, reading books, studying (oh well), bonding with friends, traveling and so on. Despite her busy schedule, she still managed to do everything that involves books. It wasn’t easy but for her, if you love something, nothing’s hard if it’s worth it.

It would be much appreciated if you support her projects such: Bloggers Unite & Book Zesty.

Bloggers Unite is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote new bloggers & indie/not authors via blog tours. It’s in two groups: authors & bloggers. Members
benefit because of the often hosted giveaways sponsored by the author members. The blog tours will be posted by the blogger members so that the word will surely spread. If you are interested, go and send Bea an email stating your membership interest.

Book Zesty is a project under Bloggers Unite. Its aim is to promote authors, books and new/old bookstagram users via Instagram. If you want to support us, be sure to follow @bookzesty! Be featured on our account by using #bookzesty in every post you make.

Join her and her friends to explore and flip pages. For more information about her:

INSTAGRAM: @abookwithbea
TWITTER: @abookwithbea
SNAPCHAT: flrsbea
BOOKSAMINO: abookwithbea
YOUTUBE: Bea Flores
EMAIL: abookwithbea(at)gmail(dot)com
BLOG: abookwithbea.wordpress.com


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