A Message for: Bullied People

 Dear you,

I know the feeling of being bullied. It’s not as easy as they’re pronounced.. especially with teenagers like us. Because in this stage , there are times like we’re huffy and all. It's all part of puberty. But maybe, it also takes self control .
 This is a very old advice but its good… never lose hope and be yourself. Never be ashamed to rely on someone or something that can motivate you. Never be scared to share what you’re feeling inside. Never hide yourself from others–even from those people who tends to bully you. //
It might be painful and hard, but  I know someday you’ll thank them for what they’ve done to you. //
 You see, this is all part of our life. It’s all part of our experience; our life us teenagers. This is one of those experiences where God wants us to be strong and faithful to him. This is one of those moments in life where you’ll need to hold on to your family, friends and specially God. //
 Never attempt suicide. Killing yourself because you feel like you’re dying inside makes people who are bullying you convinced that you really don’t deserve to be happy. Make them feel you deserve to be. Have confidence. Be self-reliant. Learn to stand on your own–Because these are the things they can’t take away from you. And these our the things we can do, to help us stand and fight for peace. //
 Look at Bethany Mota. She’s now so popular. And guess what? It all started from being bullied. This is what I’m talking about, people. Pain is what makes us stronger. Pain is what makes us successful in life. Because pain? It lets us grow. //
 Note that.. //
“Those things that hurt, instruct.” -Benjamin Franklin //
Never express bitterness. It doesn’t mean you’ve been experiencing this kind of situation gives you the right to hurt/ignore people. //
 Never plan for revenge. Never plan to hurt others because in the end.. you won’t feel happy. Hurting people makes you look like you’re one of them. It’s fine to feel pain. Everyone feels pain. Some just chose to smile and continue their life.  Don’t say you’re suffering from pain.. because you chose that path. You chose to live in that option. //
 Let the pain change you; change you for the better. Just always remember that the best revenge you can make is to improve yourself better, not bitter. //
 DISADVANTAGE? There’s one effect you might gain. And that’s the difficulty of trusting people. //
 Never be afraid to trust others. Never prevent yourself from loving others. It’s just like you’re putting yourself in a bolted and quiet place and just feel loneliness all the time. Never let loneliness win over you. Let pain be felt but never let pain rule you. Don’t let it destroy you, let it make you successful. //
Want to cry?
 Cry. Don’t be afraid to let those tears come falling down your eyes. It’s normal to cry because of pain. Cry all you want.. because tomorrow.. you’ll smile. That simply shows the world you are strong enough to handle this. //
Prove to yourself that those tears are worth the pain. //
Make em feel sorry without hurting them. //
Make them see God’s will. //
God’s love.

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