Spoiler Free Book Review: Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz

A big HELLO from Philippines!!! I’m proud to say I’m finally pulled out from my long term reading slump. It was horrible! I wanted to read something for so long yet I just couldn’t. Because of what, I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s a mix of factors inluding school and personal stuff.

Anyhow, my second read of the year is Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz. I’ve been eyeing this book before its release. So happy I finally got it in my hands. This book is actually special and close to my current situation. I’m not being deported, don’t get me wrong.😆😂 But being a Filipino student who grew up in the Middle East, I was able to relate to Jasmine’s thoughts.

Saudi Arabia has been my second home for 12 years now and to go back to my motherland, the Philippines, is a really big adjustment. Growing up, I get to visit Philippines annually for 2 months. I learned to embrace both countries’ cultures. I may be Filipino by blood, but by heart I’m also a proud Arabian.





> What I like about the book:

>>>>>> Relatable

Something in Between did not only focus on the deportation of Jasmine’s family. It also explored the teenager’s thoughts and aspirations in terms of love, career, friendship, and family.

Love <<<<<<

There is a heavy focus on Jasmine and Royce’s journey in this book. Their relationship portrayed love, compassion and sincerity. The two characters showed courage as they face the adversity life gives them.

Jasmine is from a family of immigrants while Royce is from a family of politicians. It is evident that their worlds are different from each other. Just by that, you can already see what flows from it. But don’t get it wrong, it’s not always what you think it is.

Career <<<<<<

Jasmine has always had known what she wanted to be. She planned herself a future she’s ready to flaunt. But just as she thought things were going well, it’s not.

I admire how Jas handled the situation. It’s not easy to stay intact while everything around you seems falling out of place. You can see outright from this situation how eager and passionate she is about what she wants to do, what she wants to be, and where she wants to be. I think that is something everyone is worthy to see.

Friendship & Family <<<<<<

Jasmine is from a Filipino family, whom is known to be very culture strict and family-oriented. They value their friends as much as they do with their relatives. Filipino values such respecting the elders, eating together with family, excelling academically, and working hard for a goal were seen in the book.

>>>>>> Empowering

The main character in the book is an incoming freshman college. Though some of you may think this age is old enough to be given the freedom, we’ll see about that in the Filipino culture.

Some Filipino families are very strict and don’t usually let their children go out without permission. Yet if ever they would, a lot of reminders will be said before one even gets out of the door. (hahahaha, kind of unbelievable, but yes it’s the truth.)

In the book, it is something Jasmine has to overcome before she gets to do her thing.

This only tells us to be brave to stand up for what we want. If you want something and you are from a Filipino family, most probably they will reply: “Then work for it. Prove us you are worthy.”

>>>>>> Informative

Let’s be real, there are still people who are undocumented in United States. This book carries a message to those people out there to seek help from their family and friends. To break the law is not something anyone would want, and to take the legal process is very important.

> What I don’t like about the book:

>>>>>> Ending

Personally, I didn’t like how the story ended. It was a good ending, but not that good.

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