IPSA Film Fest Entry: I’m Possible (Written by Bernadette F. Ocampo a.k.a. abookwithbea)


Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted here. I’m so sorry for my inactivity. Anyhow, I’ll be back by winter break. I have a lot of good ideas for my future blog posts. I hope you’re still with me.

Anyway, I’m publishing this blog post because I wanted to share to y’all what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been staying late at school doing this. If you wouldn’t mind, it would really help if you will share, like & maybe post a comment on the actual video on Youtube. This is our school project for two quarters. It covers 4 subjects and that’s a lot! I ask for your support. It may only be a simple like & share to y’all but it means a lot to me and my classmates. It’s not the best but we sure did our best! Hope you like it.

Oh and I almost forgot, I was the one who wrote the script.


15044645_1267496229940068_574161228_o (1).png

IPSA Film Fest Entry
“I’m Possible”
A film by Dauntless Noble
Coming January 2017

“If only you know what I know,
If you only see what I see,
If you only feel what I feel,
You would know this nightmare is real.”

STARRING: Allen Gabriel Estorque, Bernadette Ocampo, Rolland Carlos Gamez & Kian Alcayde

DIRECTED BY: Alyssa Aranas and Charles Pedeglorio
WRITTEN BY: Bernadette Ocampo
EDITED BY: Margaret Alba

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