> Always tell the truth

>Be Supportive

>Communicate whenever you can

>Don’t spill their secret

>Express what you truly think

>Forgive them if they made a mistake

>Give them the freedom to be friends with others

>Have faith and hope to them

>Inspire them to always do their best

>Judge them fairly

>Know their likes and dislikes

>Love them as they are

>Motivate them to chase their dreams

>Never doubt their abilities

>Offer your help whenever you can

>Pray for them

>Quiet their anxiety

>Restrengthen them

>Stay loyal

>Trust them

>Understand their feelings and perspectives

>Value their efforts

>Wish and hope them best

>X-ray yourself before judging them

>Yank them back to earth when they need it

>Zest them with love and laughter

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