The Greatest Gift of All


A friend is a gift from God. What then if I received a lot? I wasn’t expecting to be friends with them at all—zesties and the intense squad. In fact, we once had a problem with each other. I had different plans with different people. And guess what? Those plans were burned into ashes. As it turns out, I had the best moments of my life with the people I least expect to be with. Good things really happen when you least expect it.

I was in a different section, away from my 2 best friends—we’re a group of three. It was one of the hardest situations I’ve dealt with my whole life. It was really hard for me to communicate with them, given the fact that we have different schedules. That caused me to lie low, especially to one of us—her. I don’t know what exactly happened to both of us. I just woke up one day and feeling like maybe, just maybe, we’re not matched to be friends.

I had to think and give both of us some space. I gave her time to think and I guess that’s when we decided it’s mutual. We tried to fix us, but unfortunately, it just really didn’t work. That made things harder because we’re a group of three. Although good thing is, we’re not in any way ignoring each other. We still say hi and smile at each other; just not the best of friends we used to be.

I don’t have any close friends in my section who I can really talk about everything. Big thanks to my bestie zesties, they let me join in and accepted me for who I am. Then followed, the intense squad was formed. I thought things were falling apart back then. But then I realized things are just becoming what they should really be–it’s starting to be right. God put change to my life so one day; I can open my eyes and see everything I’ve been trying to find was right beside me all along. I just really have to give it a chance.

A lot of things changed from then on. I started to know how to figure out the right friends I should be with and I became a better person. I guess that’s the greatest gift of all, to be a friend and to be given friends. That’s when I also realized we can’t gain anything without losing something.

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