Hello guys! How are y’all doing? Guess what? I just discovered the best news today! MY ARTICLE GOT FEATURED ON CANDY MAGAZINE’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE! What could be better? I actually thought it wasn’t accepted to be featured because I checked their website two times when I passed the article and it wasn’t there. It was September 30th when I discovered that they featured my article but they posted it on September 6th.What a surprise! I freaked out when I saw it and I immediately shared it on Facebook and tagged my friends. God knows how happy and proud I am during that moment. It’s not a really big achievement for others, but it is for me.  Add to that, the post got 150 hearts and 5.5k shares/likes! (I don’t care about those. Just a bonus.)

ABOUT CANDYMAG’S WEBSITE: is the ultimate hangout for the Pinay teen. The official website of Candy magazine. Philippines’ Number One Teen Mag*, is packed with interactive features to keep users busy and clickin’.

Through, Candy Girls all over the world have access to their favorite teen magazine whenever they want to, wherever they may be. is your BFF online!

*According to the Synovative Media Atlas survey (Wave 2 2008-2009). Candy is the most read teen magazine in the country with 270,888 readers.

 Click below if you want to check out my article:






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