Book Review: The Universe of Us by Lang Leav 

“He and I collided like two predestined stars and in that brief moment I felt what it was like to be immortal.” 

International best-selling author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies(Goodreads Readers Choice Award), and Memories Lang Leav presents a completely new collection of poetry with a celestial theme in The Universe of Us.

Planets, stars, and constellations feature prominently in this beautiful, original poetry collection from Lang Leav. Inspired by the wonders of the universe, the best-selling poetess writes about love and loss, hope and hurt, being lost and found. Lang’s poetry encompasses the breadth of emotions we all experience and evokes universal feelings with her skillfully crafted words.

I love everything about this book! The poems are very deep and I can relate so much. The words are very profoud, powerful and inspiring. I highly recommend this to people who’s passionate about reading and writing poems. Indeed a great read!

*Big thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing for sponsoring this!*

P.S. This review is NOT IN ANY WAY BIASED. My opinions are mine and the publisher has nothing to do with it.

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