Blog Award: Liebster Award

Guess who was nominated for an award?! Me! Thank you so much b00ksforinfinity for tagging me. It’s such a great honor. You guys should send her love and check her version of this tag. Her blog’s awesome!



11 Questions to Answer

Q#1: Where do you read? 

> I read wherever I can. I don’t really have a specific space since our apartment here in KSA isn’t that big. But I’m hoping to have one when we go back in the Philippines.

Q#2: What’s your favorite fantasy novel/series?

> My favorite fantasy series is Harry Potter! I mean, seriously? Who doesn’t like it? I remember finishing the series in less than a week and it was the worst book slump I ever experienced!

Q#3: How many books have you read this year so far? 

> So far, I’ve read 42 books this year! I’m trying to read more books but unfortunately, my schedule won’t agree with me. Anyway, it happens.

Q#4: What’s the highest amount of books you ever read in a month and in a year? 

> I’ve read 17 books during the month of May! That’s been the highest amount of book I’ve read in a month so far. As for the highest amount of books in a year, I really don’t know. I only started reading seriously last year so I’m not sure. But we’ll know by 2017!

Q#5: Tell us your comfort food.

> I don’t really have one. I eat what’s available. Haha!

Q#6: Your favourite booktuber? Or just youtuber in general? 

> Oooh, I have two! I really enjoy watching Sasha Alsberg’s and Bethany Mota’s videos. I find them really inspiring!

Q#7: Hardcovers or paperbacks? 

> I usually go for paperbacks because they’re cheaper and easier to bring. But at times, it really depends either on my mood or on the book’s price. (Weird but true! Haha.)

Q#8: Fiction or non-fiction? 

> It depends on my mood, actually. But I like reading both! If I feel like reading unrealistic things, I would go for fiction. But if I feel like being inspired, I’ll go for non-fiction.

Q#9:  Would you go to your favorite fictional world but on one condition that is you can never return? 

> As much as I want to, no. I think fictional worlds belong to our minds and it must remain there. I’m real and I want to be somewhere I belong.

Q#10: How did you get into reading? 

> Part of the process is my mom who also likes to read and would always tell me to try reading books—but that wasn’t the main reason why. I have this friend of mine who introduced me to the bookstagram community. I was really inspired by the amazing photos and captions that I tried reading as if I’ve been doing it for years. It wasn’t easy but the important thing is that I managed to get through that stage.

Q#11: Purchasing from bookshops or online book shopping? 

> It depends on the situation but I love doing both!

11 Random Facts about Me

  • I’m a Filipino but I don’t live in the Philippines. I’ve been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years.
  • I have skills in public speaking and I enjoy debates a lot.
  • I always like to do my best at all things. I believe that you should do things at the fullest because YOLO.
  • I like singing as much as dancing. I’ve been part of a regional presentation twice and took dancing sessions for 3 years. I stopped sophomore year and decided to focus on school journalism.
  • I’m a writer of different categories, a photographer and a cartoonist for our school paper.
  • I’m 13 years old and my height’s 5’3’’. (I’m still hoping to get taller.)
  • My family and I like to travel especially in our own country.
  • I like discovering and learning new things.
  • I dream of exploring London. That’s where I want to be in the future!
  • I honestly don’t care about trends. I do what I like and voila!
  • I’m an ambivert.

11 Bloggers I Adore

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll answer the same questions given to me. Be sure to acknowledge the person who nominated you. Good day! 



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