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Racism is the discrimination or antagonism of one’s characteristics or abilities directed against a different race. Often times, this becomes a basis of a belief that one’s race is superior and the other is inferior. It has been often used as weapons suggesting hatred of others in times of conflict and economic down turns. Racism is an often touched subject for many. A lot of people argue that talking about awareness of racism and supporting anti-discrimination organizations are merely words and nothing more.

People should do less talking and start doing. By doing so, we can help change something. Although little, it is where the steps begin: little to big. We start by changing ourselves–by that, we can slowly change the world.



Discrimination is proposing the idea of one’s inferiority by the personal characteristics. One example is bullying someone because of a distinct characteristic that makes one person different from the crowd.

Discrimination should stop. We shouldn’t think of one’s distinct characteristic as a form of inferiority, rather we should see it as a unique feature of a person. Having different appearances is what makes our personality. Be proud and do so for others. Appreciating won’t cost you anything but it can help others gain something.



We have trees so green, mountain streams, abundant forests, sunlight, animals and everything. We live in a place so delicate yet too limited. God has given us the greatest gift of life and it is the nature. People can’t survive without nature; it is where our resources come from. Animals depend on the nature to survive. That’s why we all should take care of it.

We are little by little destroying the world. Starting with the little things such cutting a tree, littering on the street and polluting the air, to bigger things such construction of plantations and factories near the vegetation area. Mother Earth can only with stand a certain extent and we should not extend beyond that line. We should always remember that natural disasters still exist, affecting the lives of the people. Maybe it’s Mother Earth getting even with us, humans. Unless we do something to protect what is left, Earth will collapse on us in heaps of wreckage.



The first step in solving a dilemma is being aware of it. So you would ask “what is climate change?” Climate change is exactly what you hear. It is the warming of the globe. The earth’s climate gets hotter and hotter until iceberg starts melting causing massive floods, forests are burning and whole areas are left without any water because it was vaporized so climate change can affect the economy of the countries, the health of the people, I don’t know what it is. In the agricultural industries in the Philippines, billions of pesos have been cost of damage. Many farmers were totally devastated because as one the deleterious effects of the climate change. So, being aware. In a set of explanatory studies and mental model interview that was conducted in the recent years, responders regarded climate change as both bad and high likely—so far so good. But of majority, people confused stratospheric ozone depletion with greenhouse effect which are two completely different phenomena.

Choosing renewable energy, weatherizing your home, buying energy-efficient appliances, recycling everything you can, reducing paper use, and promoting awareness are just some of the things we can do to decelerate the risk of disaster and change. There are a lot of things people can do.

Are you going to wait for the agriculture, energy, water supplies, health, plants, animals, ecosystems, forests, recreation and coastal areas to be affected?

We can contribute in our own way to help minimize the climate change and this is by own initiative to be responsible enough in managing our garbage. Maintaining clean in our house, schools and places where we stayed.

Climate change is our problem. Together, we can solve it.



LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Transgender. They are asexual persons who generally doesn’t feel attracted to any gender or group of people. As of today, there has been a few laws passed for the LGBT community despite the objections of some. Arguments have took place and people have different opinions about the community.

What we all need to remember is to always put respect at the top. Our opinions are ours and it’s up to us if we’re going to speak about them. For the sake of other’s feelings, we should think thrice about the things that we’ll say. Not all people are supporting LGBT but that doesn’t mean people have the right to criticize them. They are being themselves and it is their life. We all should not speak of our opinions especially if it might hurt other people. Best thing to do is just keep it to ourselves and focus on ourselves rather than judging others.



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