Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I last posted (excluding book reviews & book tours). I’m very sorry for not posting that often. I tried many times to post but I haven’t got the chance to. We’ve been everywhere with our family. Just making our two months vacation worth it!

The main purpose of this post is to promote two things: Book Zesty & The Bookish Owls.

Book Zesty is a project launched by Bloggers Unite. Since we love to promote books and authors via blogs, why not through Instagram? If you’re an Instagram user and you post with hashtags, just simply post with #BookZesty! We feature authors, new bookstagram users, books, giveaways and promos! Just don’t forget to add #BookZesty in your hashtags.

The Bookish Owls is a group of girls who love to read. I just became a part of it last week. They held a member search for 2 weeks. Just happened I got lucky! Anyways, if you want to support us, we have our social media accounts from where you can talk with us:
INSTAGRAM: @thebookishowls
BLOG: thebookishowls.wordpress.com


We host read alongs every month. If you want buddies to read with you then go be friends with The Bookish Owls.

Another update! I’m so close to reaching 2000 friends on Instagram. Can you believe that? I’ll be celebrating my 1st Bookish Anniversary this July 17, 2016! Time really flies so fast. Go check my account out: @abookwithbea on Instagram! Let’s go chat there.


That’s all for today. Bea xx

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