DIY: Homemade Bookmarks


Hey guys! How are y’all? Today I’ll be doing a do-it-yourself blog post ‘cause why not? I wasn’t really planning and all, an idea just popped out and here I am now. Anyways, I was cleaning our house when I saw a lot of used notebooks. If you guys didn’t know, I love buying notebooks with cute designs (a little motivation when studying). Not only do I buy such because of the design but also because you can reuse it. Today I’ll be showing you how to reuse your notebook and make them into cute bookmarks. Yay!



You’ll be needing: (1) Notebook front/back covers (2) Pen/Pencil/Marker (3) Ruler (4) Scissors


2.JPGCollect all your used notebooks. It’s not compulsory to have a notebook with cute designs. Work with something you have. Anyways, I usually buy notebooks with designs but always make sure you don’t buy it in plastic/hard cover. If so, it’ll be harder to work with. Mine’s paper, harder than an oslo but less than a card board.



Cut the front cover as near as you can to the spiral wire. In the picture, you can see that there’s a blue line in the middle of the holes, that is where you should cut the paper.











So that’s all for today! Thank you so much. I hope I was able to help you. Good day!



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