Book Review: The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens

The Truth About Love (Cynster, #12)The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens is a historacal fiction which was set during the british regency. It follows painter Gerrard Debbington, whom was offfered to paint Lord Tregonning’s daughter–with it was the offer of having the honor to paint the famous garden of the night. As Gerrard hesitantly accepts the offer, he discovers the devil lurking in the gardens of the Hellebore Hall whom trapped Jacqueline into the profile of a double murderess. Getting to know each other was a requirement to the portrait, but would it be possible to go beyond that?

Honestly speaking, I really love the book. I have so much in mind which I never thought would happen. Anyways, the book is very deep. I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Although I wasn’t able to get into the story at first (coz hello, it’s my first time reading a historical fiction slash romance book.) It was a little hard to understand given the fact that I’m in no way the kind of person with a deep vocabulary.

I didn’t expect that painting a portrait could be that deep. I mean, I grew up knowing that artists are very keen when it comes to expressing their beliefs and emotions on an art but I never thought it would be so complex. The author had successfully used the idea to make the story thrilling, very engaging. As a young reader, I wasn’t that much exposed to reading books with mysteries. Which tells you peeps that I’m not good in guessing what would happen.

Normally when reading, I would guess what would happen in the next chapters. What I didn’t expect was, okay, fiction is very complex than young adult. Now I know the difference.

Anyways, the book is full of exciting plot twists. The characters were well developed. I just finished the book awhile ago and I even remember myself, getting my phone and starting to type everything I want to state in the review. But then when I started typing, ideas stopped to come in. I’m speechless to this book, no wonder it was loved by many.

I knew it. The moment I was enjoying the book, I knew I fell inlove with historical fiction. Excellent read, highly recommend it!

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