Books Before Boys


This day is a different day, if you would ask. There’s this person who I met unexpectedly. We weren’t really connected in any way. I knew him long before I talked to him but believe it or not, I wasn’t expecting it.

I wasn’t told by our adviser that I was going to be an emcee for an event. I was shocked ‘cause I didn’t went under the auditions which kind of made me think. Anyways, he was my unexpected partner. Not that I don’t like him or anything but I was expecting a different partner. The whole process was difficult. But I must say, the easiest part of it was talking to my partner.

He’s not a close friend or anything but he’s very easy to talk to. In short, my partner’s an approachable one. Besides stating the easiest part, the most difficult part was that we crammed writing the script. We talked a lot that we forgot about the script; I was hoping that he made one though.

The event had passed and I’m shocked that my partner’s still talking to me. I mean, we’re in different grades ‘cause he’s one year older than me. That’s really rare, if you’ll ask. We continued to talk as if we were friends for years. Until, his classmates thought my partner likes me.

I wasn’t hoping it was true ‘cause for me, we’re just friends and just friends. Nothing more and nothing less. I’m not that kind of person. I respect the fact the he likes someone and I am in no way trying to do anything to change that.

We continued talking for 4 months and that wasn’t bad at all. Though what shocked me is that, I found out that something happened between him and his girl. I can’t feel anything but sadness. They both deserve each other. They lasted for 2 years and that’s enough for many people to say that they’re going strong.

I’m not really involved or so I say, I care so much about what’s happening but what bothered me is that, I heard my name. As long as I don’t hear my name, I won’t say or do anything. Everyone thought I was the reason why my partner let go of her. That shocked me so much. I wasn’t trying to do anything. I wasn’t even messaging him. It was him who does.

After 30 days, I learned about how he felt about me. I was surprised ‘cause, who wouldn’t be? I don’t have feelings for him but I do love him as a friend. And it’ll stay the same as long as I’m studying. Books before boys, fellas.

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