1.jpgHey guys! How are you? Sorry for being inactive. Anyways, I’m here to promote my story that was posted on Wattpad! It’s a fantasy novel I started during January 2016. It’s entitled ‘Enchanted Princess’. Can I ask you a favor? If you have a wattpad account, can you add my story to your library? That would be a really big help! Here’s the link:

Here’s the description or the synopsis of the novel:

“I thought everything was a dream.
Turns out, it was all real.
Memories from the past,
Unexpectedly brings me cast.

When the crown shines,
Does it always bring lights?
When should you know its danger?
Especially with the soul of anger?

They say upon what I’m holding,
There’s always a secret.
They say a true princess,
never has to find it.

Realms are defending;
Time is running.
Treasures shouldn’t be hidden.
‘Cause it will solve everything.”

My goal is to reach 70,000 words before ending the story. I want it to be fast-paced but very understandable; It’s so hard to make a story thrilling so it might take some time for me to finish it. Anyways, I’m planning to finish the novel during the month of March or April. It depends. So yep, that’s all for now! Will catch up for you guys, sorry for not posting tours and blitz!


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