Q&A: Author P. Anastasia



 Anastasia is the author of the new YA urban sci-fi book series Fluorescence and several forthcoming fantasy-fiction novels.

Though she has worked in graphic design for well over a decade, writing has always been her passion and she began attempting to write her first novel at age 11. Later on, she wrote news and editorial columns as well as designed graphics for two different campus newspapers while working toward her degree college degree.

After graduating with a BA in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University, she followed her heart back to her publishing aspirations with her debut series, Fluorescence . On the side, she serves as a professional voice talent for radio, TV, audio books, and has produced over 3,500 recordings for businesses across the globe.




What do you do apart from writing books?


P: I’m a professional voice talent for commercials and phone messages all over the world so you just never know when that voice you hear might be mine. I’ll be recording my own audio books in 2016 as well. I also enjoy working in graphic design and creating promotional materials and posters to promote my books. When it’s time to rest, you’ll find me watching Bollywood movies and Disney classics on Netflix.


Why do you think should bookworms read your book?


P: My characters are not always perfect, but they are very real and deep. They have flaws, but those make them intricate and relatable. We all make mistakes which we learn and grow from – they shape our future selves and create an interesting story people can enjoy reading. I also believe the story arc throughout the Fluorescence Series is such an incredibly vivid and unexpected one, many readers will find themselves smiling and and tears, creating a lasting impression which can stay with them for years to come.


Where do you get inspirations?


P: The Fluorescence Book Series came to me as an incredibly vivid dream in which I was the main character, Alice, and my shoulder was aglow with brilliant green light. I’ve never before written a book based on a dream. This image was so powerful, though, I had to tell the story behind it and it evolved into a 4-book series.

Fire Starter (Fluorescence, #1)
Contagious (Fluorescence, #2)
Fallout (Fluorescence, #3)


Typically, most of my inspirations come from mysterious new characters that pop into my mind unexpectedly. I typically begin by asking them questions about their backgrounds so I can tell their stories to others. My characters are very deep and realistic and I can answer almost any question about them, down to their hobbies, favorite things to eat, etc.



Are you a full time author? Have you always wanted to be one?


P: I am mostly full-time, but I also do voiceover work on the side. I’ve wanted to be an author my entire life. Since I was a child, I’ve written poetry and stories and dreamed of having my books published and read by the world. My love for writing led me to take up work at a newspaper for a few years where I wrote editorials and news articles. It’s been in my blood for as long as I can remember and I can’t imagine a day without writing.


What can you say about abookwithbea’s blog?


P: I appreciate that it’s very diverse with multiple genres and reviews and not just reviews about one specific kind of book. I also like how Bea incorporated various social media platforms to take a more creative approach to book blogging – such as with Instagram and how it’s used to accentuate the books being reviewed in a visual way.


Where can we find you?











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