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My name is Aaron Lerma, I’m a Science Fiction/Fantasy author! I was born in the Midwest (Poplar Bluff, Missouri) to a family with a rich hispanic heritage that I cherish very much. I live in rural Missouri, having been in this area my entire life, but that has helped provide me with a huge imagination which I have always been proud of.

Since the age of eight I wrote several short stories and poems that went unpublished, dealing with these genres and creating new worlds for my characters to live in and explore. I grew up reading novel series like Harry Potter and Diane Duane’s Young Wizard Series. I recently published my first book, “Heir of the Ancestors” as part of “The Rogue Chronicles” series. I’m very excited to see where the series goes, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


What can I say about @abookwithbea?

A: Bea has a wonderful review blog to help authors from all genres acheive the goal they’re look to acheive. Bea’s blog is such an asset to the author community, especial those who have gone the independent route and need that publicity and to have their story told. I can not express my gratitude for Bea reaching out to me as a young author to help get my career started. Absolutely fantastic!

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

A: I prefer to write through my desktop. My thoughts are so many and it is easier this way for me to express them, and then go back and edit. I do write longhand sometimes, especially when I need to get away from home and write outside and so forth, but overall it is much more efficient for me to organize my stories and books on my computer.

Do you let the book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it to edit?

A: When I am completely finished with my book, I absolutely let it stew unless I’m on a time cruch. I often find that from beginning to end, my writing has gotten better. It’s important to me to make the entire book great, not just portions. So by letting it set for a while, I can go back and see my mistakes and see what literary styles I do not wish to incorporate anymore as well as just get an overall idea of how the reading flows. The latter is important. Who wants to read a choppy book? Or a book that is constantly taking you away from the story? These are my preferences, but writing the next draft is so much easier once I’ve had a moment away from it.

Why did you choose this route?

A: I choose this route due to my own needs in writing. If I continue to barrel straight into my next draft without time off, I’ll burn myself and lose motivation. I think it’s important to remember that writing is just as much work (even if it’s fun) as any other job on earth. It’s hard sometimes and you need to relax your brain and then go back into it with a fresh mind. You want to have fun with writing and allow yourself to breathe too.

Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

A: I have read my reviews and will probably continue to. I even read the bad. I have actually had people tell me bad things about my book to my face before and that’s okay. The key to dealing with the bad is determination. When someone finds something bad with my  book, I take a step back and I look at it from their perspective. I try to understand why they felt that way about it. Can I improve my next work by using this advice? Or is this just unwarranted criticism? Just remember, good or bad, you wrote your book and put the effort forth and that is a success by itself. You won’t be able to please everyone, so cater to those your book is for. Always remember that many successful authors have failed time and time again. Success is a result of many failures, and it is perfectly fine to fail – only as long as you get back up and try again.

What cultural value do you see in writing/reading/storytelling/etc.?

A: Writing and story-telling have a great impact on culture, ever since the dawn of humans. I think it has definitely evolved, but it’s fun to explore aspects of our culture through fantasy and other works. Even in fantasy works, someone from the Middle East could read an American novel and learn so much about our culture and lore, perhaps even spirituality. Authors open themselves and their cultures up to so many when they write and I think that is more valuable than anything. When we write, whether intentional or not, we’re influenced by the culture around us. And ultimately, that will influence our works and bring more people to research about our demographics and area.

Readers can find discover my work through Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. I am currently in the process of claiming my own domain for my book series as well as my own author blog! Here are some links:





Amazon Author Page


Thank you so much, Bea. This has been a great pleasure. I’m attaching an ePub copy of my book to this email. I hope you enjoy!


Aaron Lerma

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