Discussion 101: Why do bloggers blog about books? Is there any financial incentive? What do bloggers get for their time?

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to open up a topic about blogging. November 19, 2015, Author Morris E. Graham commented on my goodreads topic thread: “Hi. I know this is not on topic, but since we’re talking about bloggers… As an author, I have always wondered—Why do bloggers blog about books? Is there any financial incentive? Authors who publish hope to sell books, but what do bloggers get for their time?”

C.B.: “Morris,

I know people blog for a multitude of reasons, just like other writers. The reasons people write books is also very diverse.

Higher traffic blogs can make income, much like any other website.

I am pretty sure though that many people who blog do so simply because they like sharing things they have found or made with others. ^-^

I have a friend who is the absolute authority on photoshopping humorous cats onto characters from a certain TV show. If you like that show, you know about it I suspect. She has also made nearly every meme on the internet for that show whose name I am omitting. Her blog is actually very popular (far more than mine is) and it makes her happy – but not a single cent. She doesn’t mind though, she just wants to share cats photoshopped onto tv characters.

Side Note: If anyone ever wants to find or share me on a blog, by all means let me know! I will let you.

I think it would be a good idea to make a real topic about this to learn others perspectives as well. It could make for an interesting discussion!”

Since I was the one who posted a thread, I’ll be the one to answer your questions.

As a blogger, I have lots of choices of what to blog. It always depends if you want to focus on clothes, books, or just random things. As for me, I chose books mainly because I love to read and I love talking about books. It’s always a fun way to spend my free time. I heard lots of news about trending blogs that earn money. At first, I’ll be honest with y’all, I really aimed to earn. But then I saw how fun and welcoming bloggers are. So then, I started feeling like ‘Yeah, this is blogging. I’m going to blog anything I want either I’ll earn or not.”

I chose blogging because I think it’s what I’m passionate about. I was never good enough with writing but in blogging, I never felt so insecure about my writing skills. It somehow served as my practice towards writing. Plus that I feel like reading and writing goes together as one.

As for the incentives, I already mentioned that above. If you have a goal to earn money by blogging, I suggest you to have a more broad and interesting blog posts. I don’t know if my blog posts are interesting enough—I just post want I want. Besides, bloggers that trend blog what they want without thinking if they’ll be earn or not.

Bloggers spend their time writing posts mainly because they love how it feels like to share thoughts and ideas about a particular issue. I love that it feels like I’m just talking to you guys like I’ve known you for years. Authors hope to sell books while bloggers hope to be friends with everybody who shares the same interest.

We don’t aim high to be famous. We aim to share what we feel and what we want. I guess that’s what really make up both an author and a blogger. The only difference is that an author’s job is harder and that they sell their works. On the other hand, bloggers are like loose authors. They post their imaginations publicly.

Bloggers benefit through skills and sometimes, freebies. Bloggers are trusted by authors and publishers. I think, as of what I observed, many created a blog to be able to read and receive ARCs and to have connections with publishers and authors. Some are just not into buying physical copies because they think there are still things they need to prioritize other than buying books.

Just a little advice before I end this blog: If you’re blogging just to earn or to be famous, stop. Always do what your heart beats. Always have passion in everything you do. If you achieve through passion, then excellent! Just don’t force yourself to do something you’re not passionate about ‘cause in the end, you’ll gain nothing but the name. But the feeling with it? No, it was never the same.



So this is it. Thank you so much for reading! All the things I mentioned above were my OWN OPINIONS. If you have something in mind, I would be glad to know. Just leave a comment below! By the way, huge thanks to Author Morris for expressing his curiosity. I love discussing about books! ❤

2 thoughts on “Discussion 101: Why do bloggers blog about books? Is there any financial incentive? What do bloggers get for their time?

  1. Jens Lyon says:

    My blog is only a few months old. It doesn’t have a “theme.” If I feel like blogging about a book, I will. So far, I’ve done one author interview. His book wasn’t out at the time I did the interview (it’s out now), but I was familiar with his story (it’s a nonfiction book) and was therefore able to ask relevant questions. I’ve also blogged about my own book because the publishing process has been a major part of my life these past several months. If what I learned can help another author, then that’s good.

    Of all my blog posts, the one that gets the most hits is about a restored mansion in Detroit that is currently being featured on the HGTV show “Rehab Addict.” I am a fan of the show, I happened to be in that neighborhood one day, so I walked down there and snapped a few photos of the work-in-progress. If I had known so many people were going to look at my photos, I would have used a better camera!

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