Discussion 101: How do genres affect book reviews?


In a particular issue, there’s always two sides: the negative and the positive. Today, we’re talking about reviewing genres. What’s with the genres? How does it affect the main review?

If you’re an author and you’re finding a blogger to review your book, I know that one of your problems is to find a blogger that suits your book. Not that you should get choosy or anything but.. look at this issue like…

You love to dance but you joined the Glee club.

Bloggers have an ‘ABOUT ME’ section where they tell the readers about themselves. Mostly, they put the specific genre they’re reviewing. I always thought about this when I was still starting my blog. I was always thinking of why do they even have to add it when it’s just a genre?

That’s the main point! It’s just a genre. If you’re an author, you don’t just give out copies to bloggers easily. Some bloggers might be interested in your book, some might don’t.

Genres really affect book reviews. Why?

Picture a situation where I am the book reviewer/blogger then an author emails me asking to review her book. I wasn’t in my state of mind because it was too late for me to think and I’m sleepy but I just can’t let the email pass. So I replied yes! The author then gave me a copy.

While reading the book, thoughts came passing by that this book’s not for me. That I can’t continue reading this book because I’m not into this—I’m not interested. Of course, there’s always a deadline when reviewing a book. As for my case, I can’t tell the author that I’m backing out. That’s a NO! The author might think that you’re reselling her book. So now, I’ve no choice but to review the book.

The author’s after an honest review so you can’t lie. The review was posted and you rated the book 2 out of 5. It’s fine to rate a book base on your own opinions because it’s always a person’s choice and opinions so mind your own business.

I published this post to both tell to authors and reviewers that before agreeing to review a book or give a copy, know what you read, what you don’t, and which bloggers to give. You can’t just back out to review the book when you already have a copy.

Sometimes, there are just books that aren’t for us. So know what you want—it’s always a matter of choice.

3 thoughts on “Discussion 101: How do genres affect book reviews?

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I love how you addressed this issue! I always thought that if I was offered to be sent a book for review, like I did the other day, I’d do SO much research into the actual book first to see if it sounded like something I’d enjoy. I’d hate to be sent a book and then have to write a bad review – but I’d have to be honest so…its best to think it through first to narrow the chances 🙂
    (Sorry for the ramble haha!)

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