It wasn’t really my goal to be a blogger. I was actually rooting to be a booktuber ‘cause I think it’s easier for me to form words verbally. I’m a journalist for our school yet I don’t feel like I should consider myself good at writing. I still have lots of fields I need to improve. This whole thing started because of my English teacher. We were having our discussion about book reports and she once stated that she loved to read blogs. From that moment, I searched few blogs and I was amazed! It’s a fun read and so I thought I should make my own one.

It was a rough start, actually. I chose wordpress instead of blogger mainly because I find wordpress easier to use. Besides, I think I’m more comfortable with wordpress. Anyways, I didn’t know any of this thing. I started knowing nothing. I didn’t search anything ‘cause I prefer to discover it myself. The first post that I published was I think, the bullying thingy or my first book report in English? I really don’t remember.

At first, I wasn’t that active ‘cause I’m still learning the tactics and stuff. I signed up for tutorials but believe me, I never read them. I just thought at someway, I’m in no way going to earn money with me. Not with this path but with me. I think it’s impossible for me.

So yes! I became active last month which was October. I really tried to post despite my busy schedule. I started emailing authors for interviews. I also started a few topics slash series such as: book reviews, book promotions, book sale, abookwithbea exclusive, bookish update, and interviews. In two months of blogging actively, I already reached my desired hits and I also had many contacts with publishers and authors. I’m directly in contact with Vanquish Books Publishing and Oftomes Publishing at the moment. I received lots of ARCs and I don’t know what to read.

For the reviews thingy, two authors sent me books and just a fact: I REALLY REALLY prioritize those books sent out for me. I accept ebooks but I somehow, at some point, sometimes (haha) forget that I have your book for review. Unlike a physical copy, I can directly see it through my bookshelf.

For the past 4 months, I achieved so much! I won 2 giveaways and I think I’m started to getting to know Benjamin Oftomes. He’s starting to like my pictures that often (which really by the way makes me happy). Dark Reads or Readers on youtube also noticed me like ASDFGHJKLKJAGS. I also exchanged a short conversation with Sasha Alsberg. YAY! I LOVE THE BOOK COMMUNITY SO MUCH!
At the moment, I have 1076 followers on Instagram and I’m totally looking forward to reaching 1.5k! If you haven’t followed me yet, please support me by doing so. (I follow back, ONLY to book accounts!) I also made another account which was @/wordsbybea. I created it mainly to share the poems I’m writing ‘cause I JUST CAN’T TAKE UPLOADING IT TO MY BOOKSTAGRAM. I MEAN, AUGSYSFHSB!?!?

I’m multi-tasking right now, didn’t you know? Ofcourse you don’t. I haven’t mentioned it so you don’t. Haha! Anyways, I’m currently on a research for my blog. I’m going to customize my blog because I think it’s not beautiful enough and I want you guys to make it as your inspiration ‘cause I take yours as one.

I’m aiming to be nominated for the blog award. I really want to receive one. Unfortunately, I’m not in contact with bloggers and I don’t think I’ll ever have enough. After writing this, I would jump right next to my series review regarding the books: Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter and Twilight. I’m still working on em. I want to make them long and meaningful ‘cause they’re totally my favorite series of all time!

Last but not the least, tomorrow I’ll be off to Saudi Aramco. I’ll be presenting my school their for a dance number and wish me luck! Yay! Also, I’m going to try to bring books with me so I can take good pictures and directly upload it in my Instagram account. ❤

3 thoughts on “MY LIFE AS A BOOKWORM #1

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Aw you’ve achieved so much! ❤ I always wanted to be a booktuber too, but I'm a lot better at typing words than saying them in front of a camera. I'm sure your accounts will just keep growing! 😀


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