Book Review: Queen of the Deep by Kay Kenyon


Queen of the Deep

On the streets of New York, Jane Gray meets an intriguing man who claims to be the impossible: an imaginary playmate from her childhood: Prince Starling. Determined to know the truth, Jane tracks him into another realm.

This is the world of the Palazzo, a magical ship which is both a colossal steam vessel and a Renaissance kingdom. Ruling over its denizens–both human and otherwise–is an exotic and dangerous queen. Jane must find her way home, but the path is hopelessly lost.

Promising romance, the enigmatic Prince Starling and big-hearted crime lord Niccolo vie for Jane’s heart. But she has her eye on the pilot house. Who–or what–guides the Palazzo, and what is the urgent secret of its endless voyage? As a shocking destination looms into view, Jane must choose both a lover and a ship’s course, one that may avoid the end of all things.



Queen of the DeepQueen of the Deep by Kay Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s my honor to review and read this book for free. Thanks to Winterset Books!

I really really enjoyed this book so much! It’s fast paced and I love that it’s intense. It’s really interesting. I love the ideas and concept used. It’s a bit creepy slash strange but I love it that way, it’s unique! The characters were well developed specially Jane. I love her attitude, makes me think of a friend.

I read this book knowing nothing and I didn’t regret it. It was worth the time. Over all, I enjoyed the book. I’m so sorry for having this general review up. I’m really having a hard time specially when it comes to NO SPOILERS REVIEW. I don’t want to spoil y’all guys ‘cause this is such a great book to just be spoiled.

As for the book cover, man it’s gorgeous! I love books with beautiful covers. It makes the readers buy it! Come on, be honest, who doesn’t love gorgeous book covers? Plus it’s a benefit when you put it in your bookshelf. Haha!

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