potterheadIf you just finished reading Harry Potter and you’re finding ways to get over it, well I think you’re in the right place. Here are some of the response I got when I asked my friends on Goodreads:

Summer: Read more books! Once you get involved with other fandoms, you can finally clear your mind over time. I understand how you feel, I have been in the same condition. Every fangirl has, don’t worry. 🙂

Ana: You don’t. EVER.

Holly_Hatter: Read more books, and DEFINITELY watch the movies.

Claudia: Like Anna said, you don’t.

Janna: Incase they haven’t already said this, you don’t xD It will invade your thoughts, dreams, everything in between. It’s awesome 🙂

Kailene: You just can’t. Read fanfictions you’ll be definitely hook on the series for a long 🙂

Simran: You can’t get over it. It will always be a part of your life. And read fan fiction. .. that helps.

Cat: have you read the Hogwarts Library yet? It consists of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Quidditch Through the Ages”, and “Tales of Beetle the Bard”. they’re all super interesting (but they may get a little boring)


So here are some ways I used to SLIGHTLY focus my life instead on Harry Potter. (Trust me, you’ll not get over the HP series. You’ll bring the lessons until you get older. I can feel it!)

  • Follow fandom.
  • Watch the movie.
  • Eat and sleep. (Random, ayt?)
  • Try focusing on your other interests.
  • Socialize with others even though you prefer looking at Harry Potter!
  • Make Harry Potter your inspiration to move on with your life.
  • Read other books!
  • Join other fandom.
  • It’s okay to struggle a bit. Give yourself time.
  • Listen to Audio books.
  • Read self-help books.
  • Talk about how you feel either write in on your private journal or simply talk about it on your blog or on Goodreads.
  • Focus on your studies. (It’ll help, I promise.)
  • Don’t distance yourself from your family. They’re a big help.
  • Just do what your heart beats.




That’s all I can give you. Not all will work for you but I hope this post helped you! Good Day and God Bless everyone! ❤



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