Book Review: Without Me by Megan Duke

Without Me (The Mind Breaker Accounts, #1)


For 21-year-old Denni, there is no doubt in her mind that Amos is the one. That is until Jack manages to catch her attention. When she discovers it isn’t just a crush causing this stranger to intrude her thoughts, a secret world of mind control is unleashed around her. It is revealed that both Amos and Jack belong to a special breed of humans called Mind Breakers, and over time Denni learns that the last two years of her life have been controlled by their influence. Soon she realizes that the people she thought she knew, and the life she has most recently grown accustomed to, might not have ever been real in the first place. Her thoughts, emotions, and physical actions are all at stake.
So who can she trust?
This, of course, is Denni’s past. Now she is forced to retell her story from the beginning in hopes that the worst of it will never happen again.



Megan Duke

Hi, guys! My name is Megan! I write about teenagers doing inappropriate things and trying to find themselves. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, no matter who you are or what you believe. My book, Small Circles, is available through most online distributors, including B&, Amazon, iBooks, etc.

I am planning to re-release a brand new, freshly edited edition of my trilogy, The Mind Breaker Accounts, in 2015! TMBA is a New Adult series about a girl named Denni who’s suddenly dropped into the middle of something out of her control. Literally. When she finds out that her boyfriend is part of a special breed of humans called Mind Breakers, she learns that the last few years of her life have been controlled by his influence. This isn’t just any mind control, however. Her thoughts, emotions, and physical actions are all at stake. So who can she trust?

Look for Without Me – Book 1 of The Mind Breaker Accounts – in May 2015!

P.S. I’m highly active on Goodreads, so feel free to message me anytime! You can also visit my website for more info on tour dates and future book releases!



Before anything else, I just wanna thank Author Megan Duke for sending me a physical copy of the first book in her series! Thank you for trusting me. Second thing is, I juts want to tell y’all that even though I received this book for a review, there is no way this review’s opinions were forced to be said or in any way has a limit of ratings. All opinions are mine.

Okay, enough with that. Let’s get going with the review!

To be honest, I was kinda scared to read this book. Not that it’s scary but I’m just afraid I might not get the book 2. I don’t read books that usually keep me hanging. I hate that! I’m really distracted, especially when I’m studying. Such questions keep bothering me: What will happen next?

But I manage to get through. I figured that maybe it was time to go out of my comfort zone. So I started reading the book in school. Actually, I finished half the book in school during my free time. It kept me scheduled but it was worth it! It kept me interested.

As for the book’s appearance and cover, I really loved it! I love the color they chose for the book 1 and the girl in the cover’s beautiful. Also, there’s a bonus compliment ‘cause the 3 books’ design matched! I love it when book cover series match. They look beautiful. As for the description, it’s really catchy. But at the same time, might keep you hanging for a while ‘cause I mean, you wouldn’t know what it EXACTLY mean until you read the book.

I like the plot and the twists. The concept’s unique and fantastic. I’m already a fan! This book saved me from severe book slump! This book’s great. Really really great! Why? Simply because I read the Harry Potter series before this book which if you follow me on Goodreads, you know that I’m having a hard time getting over the series. This book kept me reading despite the book slump with Harry. That only means that this book’s great!

Yay! As for characters, it’s well developed. I like Avery. I think she’s really beautiful. But I like Denni best! I won’t be telling much about them here ‘cause I don’t want to spoil you. Instead, I suggest you to get this book! (: Also, I like Jack. He’s so honest and humble. I like that he’s not like Amos. Amos looks like a bad guy. Even with the name and appearance!

The story gets instense specially at the end of the book! There were times when I even can’t read the words ‘cause I can’t take it. Specially when Jack and Denni’s talking. They’re both sweet and I love it! There’s just one thing I really don’t understand! Haha. I don’t know what’s between Alivien and Liz. What’s with both ladies? I don’t understand what’s between them. I guess I’ll find out in the book 2? (:


GET TO KNOW THE CHARACTERS HERE:!meet-the-mind-breakers/c207j







  • Afraid – The Neighbourhood
  • Car Radio – twenty one Pilots
  • Come Out Wherever You Are – Paul Cook & the Chronicles
  • Poet – Bastille
  • Ships Pass – Paul Cook & the Chronicles
  • So Cold – Ben Cocks
  • Staying Up – The Neighbourhood
  • Supremacy – Muse
  • Tonight – Ryan Keen & Eyes
  • Deadwater – Wet
  • Never Gonna Change – Broods
  • Jealous – Labrinth
  • We Own The Sky – M83
  • Fade – Megan Duke & Lauren Lyle
  • Chasing Hearts – Breathe Carolina
  • Impossible – James Arthur
  • Broken Ones – Jacquie Lee
  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  • We’re All We Need – Above & Beyond
  • U Don’t Know – Alison Wonderland




“The most intense art of the whole thing is waiting for it to end. Being alone in it all is pretty bad too.”

“In everyone else’s mind, she’s perfect, but she can’t see that because she’s surrounded by imperfections.”

“How can someone only see damage when there’s so much more out there? All you have to do is look hard enough.”

“There are a lot of things in this world that aren’t fair. Most of the time we just end up getting stuck with what we’re comfortable with in order to avoid being disappointed.”

“What is love but an undiscovered disease? It’s something that eats away at your heart until your left with nothing but yourself.”

“”that magic cure for heartbreaks that everyone is so desperate to discover.”

“Time heals all wounds, but in this instant I feel that nothing can make u the amount of time needed to mend what is left for me.”

“It doesn’t matter what shape you’ll make. People always get hurt.”

“Being normal isn’t that bad. That’s the point of being ordinary. You don’t really have to try.”




Because of Him (The Mind Breaker Accounts, #2)

When we last left the Mind Breakers, there were many questions unanswered and numerous troubles looming in their midst. Denni’s relationship with Jack has hit the pause button due to a special friend from Jack’s past. Amos is either missing or dead–no one’s quite sure. Liz is still trying to convince the others that she can be trusted. And as for Alivien, we’ve yet to really see what this rambunctious redhead is capable of.

Now that Cox Anderson has been taken into custody, there are rumors surfacing that there’s someone else picking up where he left off. Liz seems to know the secret, but Jack is weary to hear that the double agent could very well be one of his closest friends.

There’s a new threat lingering in the distance, and it stinks of betrayal.



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