Q&A: A. Hart

 A. Hart


A.Hart (Amanda) is a twenty something mom of two, who loves to create stories that make the reader think deeply about life. Her sense of humor and passion come alive in her novels. Amanda enjoys reading, gardening, running, spending time with her sons, husband and black lab…and of course writing.


If you hadn’t become an author, what would you have done instead?

Hart: Well I was a kindergarten teacher before I decided to become a full time author. I love teaching as much as  I love writing. When I am teaching the rest of the world disappears. I may go back to teaching while I remain an author, on day. Right now I stay home with my two young children while I write. It is amazing to be able to do what I love and still stay home with my children.


Had you always wanted to be an author?

Hart: Yes and No. I always loved writing and always wanted to write down my stories however only recently did I decide to introduce those stories to the world.


 What’s your favorite genre to write about and why?

Hart: I love writing contemporary romance. I also include deep family roots, friendships and usually a little suspense in a lot twist.


 Do you like reading as well as writing?

Hart: I LOVE to read. My love of writing started with my love of reading. i was reading so much that Is tarted to write my own novels in my head. I read 1-6 books a week, depending on if I am currently writing.


Do you have a wattpad account? If ever, what did wattpad do to change your life?

Hart: I do not however I am looking into it. I will be honest and say that I am not all that computer savvy. Figuring out Instagram took me for-EVER… so the internet and I are taking things slow 😉 best not to get too serious to fast.

What inspired you to write your book?

Hart: I always loved reading romance novels and I began enjoying writing. One day Emerson and Cal’s story began unfolding in my mind and I felt like I owed it to them to tell their story.

What urged you to become an author?

Hart: I decided that my stories in my head were worth the world reading.


How do you write?

Hart: I am not sure what your looking for here but I’ll answer it how I think you mean…. I like to get in my favorite comfy clothes with a hot drink, in one of my favorite mugs…I turn on some music and type away.


What advice can you give to those who aspire the same career as you?

Hart: If you want to be an author than do it . Write when ever you can and then once you have your book go for it. I stay home now but when I was writing my first novel Braver With you, I worked full time (50-70 hrs a week) managing a pre-school , went to school full time and had a one year old son…while my husband was in the Army and often gone…so if you want to write then write! You won’t believe how much free time you actually have until you make it happen. if agents are not interested in your book then self publish, give it your all.


Do you have future projects or plans regarding bookish stuffs? If ever, can you give me one?

Hart: I do! I am currently writing book 3 of my Great Love series “Safer In Your Arms” it follows my characters Sarah and Travis. That will be the last book in my first series however I have already began the outline to my first stand alone book and fourth book…I don’ t want to release the name yet however I will say it is based in Alaska (somewhere very close to my heart)


Do you do lots of research for your book?

Hart: I do! And because I often have at least one crazy in my novels my search engine is probably terrifying.


What’s the hardest thing about writing?

Hart: Sitting down and doing it. life gets in the way and using your imagination that much is exhausting on your noggin….I love writing but I sometimes I have to make my self do it.


What’s the easiest thing about writing?

Hart: Letting it flow.


What can you say about @abookwithbea’s blog?

Hart: I really like the concept of @abookwithbea’s blog. I think its awesome that authors get the chance to share with their readers!

of strength. If I ever needed it, I knew I could find it there in his embrace.”His arms acted as my source

Do you aim for the same word counts every time you write?

Hart: Eh not really but ideally I like to stay between 70,000 and 90,000


If you already have published a book, how does it take to get your books published?

Hart: It depend on how you go about it. I can’t say how long traditionally published books takes but I know its much longer than self published, it seems it takes anywhere from 6 month to a year but again that is only by guess. I am self published and my novels have taken me only a few weeks each time (that is after the book is 100% written, edited and formatted- with out that its between 3-6 months with just rough manuscript)

Is your book somewhat related to what you went through in life?

Hart: I guess there are some parts in my novels that stem from experience. The emotions in my novel are definitely real, just taken out of another scenario and transferred to the once in my novel. I will tell you that in Braver With You my main man is in the Army and when he deploys the lead woman Emerson’s emotions are my own. I wrote that scene pretty much from memory from the many times I had to drop off my husband when he was in the Army.


How did writing this book changed you as a person and your life?

Hart: Every time you write a character they have a piece of you, whether it is a good piece or bad piece, they have it. Because they come from your thoughts they are a part of you. So as I write my characters I find myself healing little pieces of my soul and learning about my self more and more.


Where can we find you? [SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT – LINKS]

 Facebook- A. Hart – https://www.facebook.com/ahartauthor?ref=hl

Goodreads- A. Hart author page- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14187341.A_Hart

Instagram- A. Hart- A.Hart-author (@a.hart_author) • Instagram photos and videos

A.Hart-author (@a.hart_author) • Instagram photos and v…

Romance author of Braver With You(07/2015) Stronger By Your-side(10/2015) A.hart89@yahoo.com. 🇺🇸

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