8 Writing Tips from A. Hart

  1. Write what you want.
  1. Don’t over filter your self, let it flow and then go back and fix what doesn’t fit.
  1. If you are bored writing it…your readers will be bored reading it.
  1. Get rid of the fillers. I like my books like I like my hot dogs…100% all meat…no fillers…get rid of the extra fluff that isn’t needed.
  1. Empathize with every one of your characters. When you are writing from their perspective or about them you should in that moment..be them.
  1. Get to know your characters well, that way you are able to do step 5 above properly.
  1. Take notes of everything as you write (ex: hair color…you dont want to say a character has blonde hair and then two chapters later her hair turned red somehow…) Notes on a piece of paper will make it easy to go back in look if you can’t remember what you wrote…that way you dont have to search through your 70,000 word manuscript.

8. Sit down and write. often. If everyday  you simply do this then one day you’ll get there.

© Amanda (A. Hart)

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