DISCLAIMER: Hey guys! So as you can see from the title, this a confession. Before anything else, I just want to tell you that this post was based on my OWN OPINION and I’m not trying to mess with HP Fans (I’M ALSO ONE OF THEM, HALER? I LOVE HARRY!). And if ever you’re not, still.. please, if you’re easily offended kinda person, I suggest you to not stop by. Good Day!


I love reading as well as writing. But you know? Sometimes I feel like it’s what makes me feel useless. Knowing that things I read and write only happen in my mind. Yes, I can feel the same way as the character does but sometimes it isn’t enough. Comparing myself to the characters, I find myself so low.

The Truth about Reading?

Reading’s not always fun. Well it is, most of the time. There’s no problem with the process of reading but what hurts is that after you read a book, you feel like your whole life’s a waste and you’ve got nothing to do anymore.

You get to think of the characters every now and then like you’ve already known them for years. You’ll feel like you’re lost in a world. It’s simply book slump. (Sometimes it feels amazing, sometimes it sucks)

It’s like your stuck in the moment and can’t move on. I like reading but sometimes, I don’t. I distance myself from books even though I love to read. Too much is bad, as they say.

That quotation’s definitely right! Don’t engange yourself to much on a book–you might forget about your OWN life. As my quotation says.. “Dream within fantay, live within reality.”


I was able to write this ’cause that’s how I feel right now. I just finished Harry Potter and I don’t know how to move on. Shame on me. Hahaha 🙂 GOOD DAY!



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