Wattpad Author’s Fest: 8 Writing Tips from @areyaysii


  1. Write from your heart. It may sound cliché but this is really effective.
  2. Don’t force yourself to write. You shouldn’t force yourself to write something that you’re not comfortable with or if you are not in the mood. Readers would feel that something is off with the chapter when it’s just pilit.
  3. Write then edit. Write everything down first and when you’re satisfied with what you have written, re-read everything and edit the mistakes that you have missed. Grammatical and typographical errors are sometimes missed when you have skipped on proofreading your works.
  4. Write to please yourself. If after reading your work and you aren’t satisfied with what you have written, then who knows what your readers might think about that? When you write, make sure that you are also satisfied with every chapter that you make.
  5. Write when your emotions are on the extremes. When writing happy chapters, I usually write when I’m happy as well. Same goes when I need to write sad chapters.
  6. Get some inspiration from your surroundings. Different scenarios around you or different songs could help you in writing particular scenes for your story.
  7. Always bring a notebook and pen. Sometimes, ideas come to you at the most bizarre moments – when you are in the jeepney, in your class, etc. When that time comes, you can’t miss the chance to lose those ideas! Write them all down in your notebook and get back to it when you’re in a much comfortable place.
  8. Check the comments of your readers once in a while. These comments could help you improve yourself and your craft. Besides, some comments are really constructive and you could learn a lot from these. In the future, when you write another story, you would know the things that you should avoid.

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