What urged you to be an author?

Imagination urged me to become an author. First grade was when I began connecting my beloved faeries and unicorns to emotions and plot, and I recall drawing alongside my narratives, seeing the story in my brain and then writing around that magick. I’d imagine things, and they’d be so large, it’d make me feel like I was wasting myself if I didn’t write them down for myself and others to read.

What’s your writing routine?

I like to have white noise and accessible Internet when I write. I’ll sit down with the TV running in the background, settle my laptop on my lap, be it on a pillow or my lap desk, and get up in the word count goals for the day. The Internet is for Keep, the Google app in which I plug every idea I get while on the go. It’s also for random researching and inspiration. 

What’s the hardest and easiest things about writing?

Hardest: sitting still and just getting it out + keeping from editing as I write. 

Easiest: coming up with the story. 

Do you do a lot of research for your books?

I research a good amount, but it’s an as-I-go type of method. None of my writing has a foundation of research. They have foundations of the art that’s locked within me. 

What draws you to write about the genre that you do?

I write Fantasy + Erotica + Gay and Lesbian, and I’m drawn to write about all of these genres because (they’re fun!) of the raw and magick ways they allow me to unveil the animal in humans. I’m all about the animal. There’s nothing more honest than a creature being its most primal self, doing things it can’t help doing because those things are natural to it. Magick, mating, sex, survival, it’s all one with the universe, and thus eternized in us, as we’re one with the universe.

Do you aim for the same amount of words/pages each time?

Yes. With my novels, I go into them setting a minimum of 100k words. 

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