Q&A: Leena Ceraveeni

Author of The Hometown.

If you hadn’t become an author, what would you have done instead?


C:Collection Development Librarian

Had you always wanted to be an author?


C:I’ve always wanted to write and had creative urges. It was a dream of mine to write a book.


What’s your favorite genre to write about and why?

C:My favorite genre is women’s fiction because it promotes personal growth.


Do you like reading as well as writing?

C:Yes. I usually have a stack of books from the library.

Do you have a wattpad account? If ever, what did wattpad do to change your life?


What inspired you to write your book?

C:My experiences as an Indian-American and a fresh college graduate inspired me to write my book. I wanted to blend in and I was self-conscious about being Indian. I gradually became more comfortable with my Indian heritage. I also wanted to show people that they can take risks and make changes in their lives.



What urged you to become an author?

C:I always had ideas in my mind that I would express on paper. Writing makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I had a diary of experiences for my novel and decided to weave them through a plot.


How do you write?

C:I keep journals and write down ideas. I turn on the computer when I wake up in the morning and make writing the first thing that I do. It has become a habit and lifestyle for me.


What advice can you give to those who aspire the same career as you?

C:Sit down and write the book. Don’t just talk about writing the book. Research the marketing side of the industry. Find publications, bloggers that would be interested in your book and contact them. Read about writing. Trust the process and stay dedicated.

Do you have future projects or plans regarding bookish stuffs? If ever, can you give me one?

C:I am writing my second book.


Do you do lots of research for your book?

C:I’ve researched location, history, and food.


 What’s the hardest thing about writing?

C:The hardest thing is organizing my ideas. It can be overwhelming.


What’s the easiest thing about writing?

C:The easiest thing is knowing that writing is bringing me closer to a completed novel and accomplishing another goal.


What can you say about @abookwithbea’s blog?

C:I think the blog is important and shows your drive and passion for the book world!


Do you aim for the same word counts every time you write?

C:I don’t focus on word counts. I just try to write as much as I can.

Is your book somewhat related to what you went through in life?

C:It has a lot of me in it. The experiences were a big part of my life so I decided to create a journal of racial experiences and turn them into a book. I wanted to be open about the experiences.

How did writing this book changed you as a person and your life?

C:It boosted my confidence and motivated me to work harder.


 Can you post on any of your social media accounts promoting this blog fest?


Where can we find you? [SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT – LINKS]









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