Book Review: You’re Tearing Us Apart

You're Tearing Us Apart
*thank you HCI Books for sending me an ARC of this book. Really appreciate it!


No one argues with the fact that relationships in the 21st century are complicated. One recent study found that couples spend only 35 minutes per week in intimate conversation; the rest of the time they rely on electronic contact and notes. To keep a relationship from hitting “esc” or worse, “delete,” this fast-paced life calls for fast-paced strategies, and this book is full of them! Many broken relationships not only can be mended, but they can actually be magnificent. You’re Tearing Us Apart follows a simple, get-to-the- point formula for each chapter. First, a narrative describes what it’s like living with someone who is practicing relationship-threatening behaviors. Next, the psychology behind the behavior is explained, followed by a succinct account of why this particular behavior threatens relationships. Finally, the best strategies for transformation are spelled out, covering such a wide range of options most any couple can easily comply. These four sections validate the experience of both partners, offer concrete reasons why change is necessary and then present a selection of strategies to move forward. – See more at:…



I don’t have much to say about this book. I finished it and was glad it gave a really clear and straight forward explanation towards relationship issues. I didn’t relate that much ‘cause I’m still young and lacks experience about such. But as I read the book, it fits to a person who needs advice towards complicated relationships.

Relationship nowadays are very complicated. So many doubts and stuff so I think this book can handle your relationship with one another. I mean, it’s not bad to read such. It might help you! (:

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