What advice can you give to those who..

–        Cry because someone broke their heart? Whatever they did or said it doesn’t ever reflect who you are. You are whoever you chose to be. Who are you going to be? The person who wastes tears on someone who doesn’t deserve them? or the person who goes out their and proves them wrong? Save those tears for moments of happiness!

–        Succeed but doesn’t consider looking back from where they’ve started? I get it…I totally get it…My husband likes to talk about when we were nineteen and used to search for coins in the couch to pay for one gallon of gas to get us to work…I cringe…I hate remembering who I was however when I stop for a minute and go back to that girl..go back in time in my mind and tell that girl where we are in life…how we don’t have to cushion dive for gas change anymore..how we are okay…how great life is…God it feels good and makes me realize something very important. That anything is possible and that the sun always rises- even after the darkest of nights, the sun rises all the same.  

–        Feel like they’re nothing in this world? Stop it right now. Seriously stop it. You are who you want to be. You can be whatever you chose. You can be kind…you can be mean and nasty. You can be helpful or selfish. Its your choice. Even the nastiest of person has beauty deep inside…only they can chose to dig it up or keep it buried. But know this you are incredible, beautiful, amazing and special…its your choice whether you want to keep that to yourself or show the world… Show the world, please show the world your spectacular light…let it shine for all to see.

–        Dream but always fail?What is failure? Who says you failed? You didn’t fail! You just haven’t reached your goal….yet. It’s still on the horizon. If you keep trying…if you never stop trying you WILL get there, you will cross that line. So when the finish line moves a little farther away dont stop…Tie your shoes a little tighter, take a deep breath and keep moving- running, walking, crawling or slithering…moving is moving…just keep moving!


© Amanda (A. Hart)

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