Bookish Update #11

Hey guys! Bea here. :>

Yesterday were a lot of surprises, I must say. Why? Simply because I didn’t know I already received Megan Duke’s book mail. My dad hid it from me and somewhat made me find it. Haha! The book mail consists of:

  • A physical copy of the first book (Without Me)
  • 7 post cards
  • 1 sticker
  • 1 button


I was too happy when I received the mail. But! BUT! My mom went home from work and I was surprised AGAIN! She bought me 4 new books and I was like.. ASDFGHJKLPOIUTWEQT WHAT DID I DO THAT MADE YOU THINK OF BUYING ME SUCH!? YAY!


Before I end this little haul of mine, just wanna share few bookish things! (:

I’m currently reading Melissa Holden’s Searching for Katherine and I must say it’s an easy read but! BUT! It’s interesting and I can hardly put the book down. I’m beyond half the book despite the fact that I have a recorded seatwork tomorrow on our Science class. Haha! Bookworm problem it is. So yes, I think that’s all for now! Follow this blog for more updates. AND! Be prepared to read lots of book promotions ‘cause I signed up in lots of book tour companies. It’s a hard job but it’s fun. (check the BUTTONS below this website if you’re using a cellphone or simple just scroll down if you’re using a laptop)


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