TOP 1:

“Reg, you’re right. I love Olivia, and I hate myself for letting her get captured. But I want you. You’ve helped me realize,” he licks his bottom lip, “how screwed up I let myself get. And what I’ve come to realize is that . . . wanting you doesn’t mean I love Olivia any less. Pushing me away isn’t what you want. I saw it in your eyes just now. When I asked you what you thought of me, I saw it. So believe me when I say it isn’t just me that’s in this anymore.”

TOP 2:

“They’re beautiful aren’t they?”
He looked over at her. Her eyes cast reflections of the moon like ripples on a lake; captured by the stars, by the heavens.
“They are.”

TOP 3:

New, from Encender:

“I may have imagined it, but I swear it was real. There’s this memory I have. You came to me, and asked me to come with you. I barely remember it, but you said—” he pauses, “you loved me. Or that you thought you could. That’s why I came back. I had to come back for you.”

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