Red August

Below is an excerpt of the time Faolan meets August by the stream and she is reading a copy of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

“Good afternoon, Red.  What a surprise to chance upon you here, at precisely three o’clock.”

She cast him a sidelong glance.  “You realize it’s closer to two-thirty, don’t you?”

“Is it?  Imagine that.  I suppose that makes it all the more coincidental, doesn’t it?”

He leapt across the stream like it was a puddle, and August felt another zap of electricity as he came closer to her.  Today he was wearing jeans and a tight sage-green tee.  His face still had a couple of days of whisker growth, even though his damp mane of hair appeared to be freshly washed.  They faced each other, she on her rock, and he just a few feet away, and he squatted on the sun-warmed grass and peered at her book.

“A fine tale, that.  Monsters within us, light and dark at once.  Each of us working at being our best selves, until something stirs the beast within.  What do you think, Red?  Have you a monster in you?”

And here is yet another meeting by their stream:

Faolan had promised that on their next meeting he would read aloud to her from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which he assured her would provide numerous opportunities to discuss logic, history, transformations, and the richness of language, as well as satire, comedy and “the pure joy of being surprised by something completely ludicrous yet utterly wonderful,” as he put it.

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