Be Top in Your Class

typorama-1Disclaimer: I just want to tell y’all that I’m in no way expert in this. I just thought that maybe I should share my experience to all aspiring achievers!


I’m still in high school and I know that the subjects are getting harder. And when I say harder, I mean work harder. I was never a top (over all) back when I was in Grade 3 to 5. I always envy students who go up the stage and receive a medal. I always tell myself, I want to be like them someday. I want to achieve something that my parents would be proud of.

When I was in 6th grade, I used to study because… I just do—I don’t know why. But then, someone hit me and made me realize that to study is a reward to your parents. Your parents are working hard to get you to school. Just think of it as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Always think of your parents. One factor in being a top is to appreciate your parents and their hard work. Studying hard requires motivation and inspiration. You don’t need control and full discipline in all things. You just have to know the places to be serious and where not to.

Always do your best but never proclaim yourself as the best. Be confident in everything you do but not too confident. Be confident in a way that you’ll still look at yourself as before. It’s okay to feel down sometimes… but never underestimate yourself. Learn to control your feelings.

Third factor is that, you must GET OFF distractions. As they say, CRUSH IS AN INSPIRATION… But for me, it’s not. It depends but for me, I get distracted with crushes. One tip to avoid this is… accepting your feelings. Don’t deny because it’ll just make the situation worst. Don’t make it as a big deal. Like when you see your crush with other girls… When I’m in that kind of situation, I always tell myself… “AS IF I CARE?”

Yes I do care. But not in a way that I’ll plan something to ruin them apart. Just remember, do what you should do and don’t mind others. You’re here in school to learn and not to mingle. There’s a time for that. Reading books with genres like romance and teen fiction can make us feel so ambitious. Like having a boyfriend with abs and stuff. I always experience that, to be honest. But I always tell myself, characters in that particular book know how to wait. And then that’s the time I tell myself, if you learn to wait and focus in the present… there’s something better that’ll come.

Enjoy school. You’ll never succeed if you don’t love what you’re doing. Always have passion and courage to try new things. In school, we learn different things every day. The best way to not get bored is to enjoy what you’re doing. Accept the fact that this is life and live by the truth. In that way, you’ll be more realistic and you’ll achieve better things.

Often times, students compare their grades with each other. Right now, I’m telling you… That’s the worst thing a student can do. Comparing your grades to others won’t make the best out of yourself. You’ll just be disappointed and anxious about your grades. Do remember that we’re all different. Grades don’t define your self-worth. Grades are just a matter of appreciation for some parents. Comparing will sweep your focus away so keep your eyes straight and go for the win.

To be a top requires hard work, patience and your sense of friendliness to others. School is there to teach and prepare us for the future. Most students complain because there are lots of home works and projects and stuff. What they don’t know is that, school is not even half the hard work required by life. In school, you’re not just thought thru lessons and morals—also by doing the very best hard work you can.

Of course, you’ll never get good outcomes if you just sit there and surf the net. You have to do something in order to achieve something. Study at home. Practice in other fields. Don’t just focus on academics, have extracurricular activities. To be a top doesn’t mean you have to rank first in your batch. There are different kinds of SMART AND INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.

Never cheat. Cheaters are losers. It’s better to get low scores as long as your conscience’s clean. Trust God and yourself in terms of answering and doing things. God will guide you through but the hard work will come from you.

Don’t take grades too serious, think of it as a loose garment but in a way that you can still manage to wear it and not fall apart somewhere. Don’t lose hope if you fail, always remember that there’ll be better things to come. Just not now. You have to wait for good things ’cause good things take time.

Good things are hard to get. We don’t just find them that easy and walk in a straight path. Of course, you’ll have to work hard and find the right one in order to know where you’re going. It’s a matter of choice, everyone.

Always maintain good attitude. Good grades don’t matter if your attitude’s like a trash bin. Don’t feel bad for people who succeed. Supporting others won’t affect yours. It’s their thing and you have your own thing. Be unique.

Never give up even when it seems hopeless. Prove life you deserve such achievement. Learn to sacrifice things. It was never prohibited to—you just have to make the right decisions.

And that ends my advice for aspiring achievers! How am I able to write this? I hope this helps.


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