I Write What I Feel

Often times.. I write whenever I’m sad, lonely or happy. I’m not that the showy type of person. I don’t exactly express how I feel. Sometimes, I find it easier to express the opposite.
A friend once told me, I was numb. Too numb to realize things. But I’m here, typing and letting my thoughts wander. I’m not numb. I always observe and I know things as it is. I just don’t act like I do. I mean, what’s the purpose?
I only write what I feel ’cause I think that’s the right way–that’s the right way I know. I don’t want issues and stuff. I want a peaceful life.
I adore writing and books so much… so much that I use it as a distraction whenever I wanted to give up. You see, life’s so hard for a person who doesn’t have that much experience. I’m still young and does have lots of things to know.
And books can give me answers. The writers can shape me better. The writer’s words can let me experience happiness and things I can’t do in real life. I think that’s what keeps me writing more.
I love writing that I became a writer. Just like me, I wanted to help other people be better. Not just physically and mentally but emotionally. Books can give me answers that.. it came to the point where in such young age… I know how to handle heavy feelings and severe pain.
I guess that’s what writing is for. Writing expresses life.

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