typorama-1Grades. What do grades mean to you? Do they mean alot? Or do they mean.. Nothing?

For me, I’ve always been really anxious about my grades. Growing with your parents pressuring you can create a whole kinda new perspective.  They thought me and showed how it feels like to have good grades. It feels good, but at the same time.. It’s a load of sadness and depression. I got used to that kind of feeling.. always having good grades.. always in the top.

Every year, you’re getting older. And with that, life gets harder.. As well as math, science and english. People always think smart people are just smart people. They always get the subject right, they are good listeners, and they can pass the test even when its hard. Little bit they know, they also struggle.  As for me, as I get older.. I get to see grades as useless. It’s just written in the paper. Yes, it can help you have a better future.. But you can’t guarantee such. Grades are nothing when your self-esteem and social awareness are low. Yes, you do have high grades.. But do you know how life goes? Do you know the pain?

Most of us think, when you’re educated.. You’re educated. You know good morals and such. In fact, everybody’s hope for you is high. Too high that they thought you knew everything. Too high that they thought you’re kind and all. Good grades doesn’t measure self-worth. Applying it in the real life does.  We need education to know how everything works and how living things go. It can give you lessons, morals and everything. But remember, IT’S A MATTER OF CHOICE if you’ll succeed or not. It depends if you’ll use strategy or education, heart or brain.

Everything you do leads to you. Things you do now will shape you’re future.

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