Bookish Update #2

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Hey guys! I’m so happy that authors are starting to trust me. Earlier this day, I received ARCs of some books. Here are some new authors who gave copies of their book:

#1 Diana T. Scott

Diana T. Scott

#2 Sara Schoen & Taylor Monet

Sara Schoen

About this author:

My name is Sara, I’m twenty years old, and I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I have always been interested in writing, even started a book in elementary school, but it wasn’t until high school that my friend, and writing partner, more or less forced me to join an amateur writing site. After some convincing from her, I plucked up the courage and posted one of my stories. While it wasn’t popular at first, I was shocked and overwhelmed by the support of readers on Wattpad, and they gave me the support and confidence to get where I am today. I continued to write religiously for the next three years I was on the website, starting countless stories and deleting a few others. It wasn’t until I was nineteen that I was given the opportunity to work with a publisher, and I’m excited that I now get to share my work with countless other people as well as continue to write for the fans that supported me to continue working toward telling the world a remarkable story.

#3 A.S. Winchester

IG: aswinchesterauthor

#4 R. Holmes

R. Holmes

About this author:

R. Holmes is from a tiny itty bitty town in southern Louisiana where everyone knows everyone. Land of alligators, boudin balls and Mardi Gras. She spends her days being a savvy business woman/super mom and her nights writing sexy alpha men with hearts just as big as their egos. She plans on writing until her fingers fall off but really hopes to have to never write a biography again. Connect with her via Facebook, Instagram (@RHolmesAuthor) and twitter!

#5 Elisa Marie Hopkins
Elisa Marie Hopkins
About this author:

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Drop me a line. Seriously. I love to meet readers and talk about books!

#6 Jen Crane
Jen Crane
About this author:

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Though she grew up on a working cattle ranch, Jen Crane has been in love with fantasy and science fiction since seeing a bootleg tape of Quantum Leap in the 90’s.

She has a master’s degree, and solid work history in government and non-profit administration.

One day, though, she said, “Life’s too real for nonfiction. I’m gonna write about love and magic.”

Jen is happily living out her dream in The South with her husband and three children, striking that delicate balance between inspiration and frustration.

You can learn more about her and her work at or

#7 Brinda Berry
Brinda Berry
About this author:

Brinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family. Brinda is obsessed with cairn terriers, Kings of Leon, illustrated cookbooks, new technology and sandy beaches. She dreams of finding the perfect pillow–no small feat. She’s also terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.

That’s it as of now! Good Day!
B x
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