Beauty or Brain?

She’s popular. I’m an achiever.
They say I look like her. They say she’s better than me. Some says I’m better than her. Everyone says we’re better off each other.
Have you ever met a friend that looks like you? If ever, do people always compare you? How’d you feel?
About a year ago, I met her. I met my oh-so-called twin friend slash sister (not biologically). At first, I didn’t know what to feel. She was a new student and I wasn’t.

Me and my bestfriend invited her to sit beside us ’cause we think she’s awesome and needs a friend. So why not lend a hand for friendship?
While seating beside her, often times… I regret asking her to sit with us. Not that no-you-can’t-seat-with-us-we’re-the-mean-girls type. It’s just that, people often compare us. They always compliment her, beside me. And when they compliment her, they always hang my name at the end and I’ll be like: You shouldn’t have bothered to compliment me if you’re just going to hang my name with hers. Compliment her and I don’t care.. just don’t hang my name ’cause I feel like I’m being an extra of someone’s movie. I’m not born to be an extra. I have my own story.
Not that I’m jealous of her but I just felt down. I feel like I’m a non sense person since she arrived. She’s beautiful. And I don’t know if I am. I mean, people say we look each other but not exactly.
Her skin’s fairer and my skin’s averagely fair. Her hair’s long and mine’s short. She’s a little taller than me. She’s got a little weight more than mine. She’s popular. She’s friendly.
As for me, I’m just me. Not popular, not so friendly, and not so tall. I prefer reading books than people. I don’t know but I prefer a peaceful life ’cause many friends mean popularity. And popularity means issues. And issues mean controversy.
At first, we both didn’t mind what people think of us. But as time goes on, we both started to feel bothered. I mean, we both got it. She’s the beautiful one, I’m the smarty pants. Who would prefer a smarty pants anyway?
I’m not beautiful or anything. But I can say I can do lots of things. I know how to dance, sing, draw, and many more. But that seems to be no use with no popularity. I guess.. that’s the reason why we distanced ourselves with each other.
I don’t want to be compared with another girl. No one does.
I posted this blog just to share things. I don’t feel bad about it ’cause she’s my friend and I love her. Just wanna share ’cause I thought this might be a good idea as a blog post.

This post is intended to encourage everyone and also to remind.
Don’t comapre a person to another. People are different in their own ways and comparing them won’t do any good. We all are special and one has to accept and appreciate that.

Before I end this blog, I just want to tell you that…
Be proud of yourself. You may not be the best of everyone but atleast try to be one of the best. Do your best at all things. Even if you fail, always stand up and look for the right path. Don’t let people’s words affect you.

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