Avoiding Social Media

Lately, people are starting to ask me… “Why are you being inactive lately with your Facebook and Twitter accounts?”
I wanted to answer everyone but I can’t. Some thing’s are just better left unsaid. Yes, it’s my story to tell and that gives me the right to choose if I’ll keep it as a secret or not.
Right now, I choose nothing. I’m in between. I’m posting this on my blog to tell you my story… a story that can save you from cyber bullying.
At a young age, I experienced to be bullied via Social Media. It wasn’t that easy. It did cause me to feel so down… so down that I thought I couldn’t handle it.
Actually, it was all my fault.

It started because my mom and her friend created me a facebook account. Ofcourse, at a young age.. I didn’t know how to use it.
Until 6th grade came, I was too excited to use my new phone that I over used it.
In the middle of the year, I posted lots of selfies and updates about my life. Then suddenly, my bestfriend messaged me saying.. there were few people that are talking about me. She sent me screenshots and I just don’t know how to feel.
Little bit I know of what to do, I didn’t think professionally and started to chat with them. I confronted them and then that’s when things started to get bigger. Our fight was then brought to school and the whole grade knew about it. I was too ashame of it and I didn’t know how to feel.

That’s why at the end of the school year..
I deleted my Facebook and Twitter applications from my phone and limit myself from using it. Until now, I’m still doing it. And I’m glad that it did work. I don’t use that much of Social Media except for bookish related, ofcourse!
You see, the main point of this blog is that..
You don’t get to judge others and do things that are unnecessary when you don’t have a way to do such. I don’t have a facebook and twitter account which means.. I don’t know what’s happening with the social world. And that’s the main point!

Not that it’s bad to be updated but sometimes… to be updated is different. It’s sometimes better if you don’t know anything about a particular issue. Atleast they won’t have the words to tell you bad things.
I was once bitten… And now, twice shy.

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