Q&A: Author Tarisa Marie


About this Author:

I was born and raised in a small town in Canada. I first discovered my love for writing at the young age of 13 when I wrote my first novel, it was a fan fiction and it was absolutely terrible. During my high school and post-secondary years I found it very tough to find time to write but after graduating college, I got back into writing and found myself spending hours of the day thinking up stories and characters and scenes and titles and plot twists and the whole bit. My dream is that one day I won’t have to have a day job and I can just write and write and write all day long. Yeah right, eh?

I’d never survive without my family, amazing friends, laptop, sea monkeys, cellphone, tacos, or my boyfriend. When I’m not writing I enjoy the sport of curling and spending time with loved ones. I’m also a mean scrabble player if any of you would like to challenge me.

Note: She is the author of books ‘Tainted Crimson’ and ‘Tainted Heart’ [I’ll soon post a review] Here are some questions so that you’ll know her more!

1.) What urged you to be an author?

Tarisa: I was inspired to become an author mainly because I just loved books, words and stories! I always found myself imagining things and creating stories in my head.

2.) What’s your writing routine?

Tarisa: I work 10 hours a day writing usually…not always. I start at 1 p.m. and go to 11 p.m. normally.

3.) What’s the hardest and easiest thing about writing?

Tarisa: The hardest thing for me is probably starting a series because you have to create everything from the ground up. The first book is always the book the kind of introduces the character and the world. The easiest thing for me is the characters. Their personalities come to me as if they’re real people. I see them and hear them in my head.

4.)Do you lots of research for your book?

Tarisa: I mainly research things like urban legends and folklore to learn about my characters and how I can relate them to real mythological creatures. I also research places so that I get geography and things correct.
5.) What gives you inspiration to write about the genre that you do?
Tarisa: I write fantasy because I read fantasy. I love fantasy because you can go anywhere with it. You can literally take the story anywhere and it’s not.





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