Q&A: Pamela Lorence (Voice Over Actress)

About this Voice Over Actress:

Pamela Lorence has over 20 years of experience in the audio production industry. She has directed voice over talent, engineered recording sessions, narrated several long and short form productions, and has edited and mastered many award-winning, professional productions for companies like Antenna International, a subsidiary of Discovery Communications, Inc., Earprint ProductionsBee Audio, Audible Inc., Crossroad Press, and radio stations such as WQEW-NY, WQXR-NY, and KFOG-SF. As a classically trained vocalist, she brings years of performance experience to all of her projects. 

Audible Approved ProducerShe has earned the distinguished title of Audible Approved Producer. Audible Approved producers are considered by Audible Inc. to be the best audiobook producers in the business and have a verifiable record of achievement in the audiobook industry. She is also a member of the Audio Publisher’s Association, The Voxy Ladies, and serves on the Executive Board of World Voices Organization
Pamela is a volunteer narrator at The Learning Ally, a national nonprofit with a defined approach to help support students with learning disabilities and their families. She also volunteers her time at The Bridge School, an innovative organization educating children with severe speech and physical impairments. In her free time she enjoys performing songs from the American Popular Standards songbook and is crazy for the music of Rodgers and Hart!
Audiobooks by her:

Sci-Fi :: Fantasy :: Suspense:

Young Adult:


* What’s your hobby?
 Pam: When I’m not working, I’m either singing jazz tunes or, believe it or not, I’m reading!
* Do you like reading books? If ever, what genres do you read the most?
Pam: I love reading books! Mostly, I read what’s on the best sellers list, regardless of genre. I’ve been introduced to the works of so many talented authors as an audiobook narrator, though, that my to-be-read pile is stacked high!
* What was your favorite audiobook that you, yourself have narrated?
Pam: It’s too hard to choose which has been my favorite book to narrate. I’ve loved them all for different reasons!



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