A/N: Hi guys! Shameless plugging here!! So I published a new story on Wattpad entitled ‘Alistair’s Grant’. Can you check it out for me? Tell me how you feel about it by commenting at the comment section. My account’s @flrsbea. Here’s the link:’s-grant // Here’s the prologue:

When you reach the age of 18, what do you expect to happen?

Most of us do fall in love quite easy. We expect so much that we hurry what they call ‘love’. Remember this 11 letters and 4 words that I’m going to tell you: Never do that.

Wait for it to come. Never chase it, ’cause you’ll never know what will be chasing after you-how it might feel and affect you. Don’t you rush things and end up broken.

Just imagine how it would be like to experience such situation without knowing what it’s like.

So you’ll fall inlove,

Then you’ll start receiving flowers and chocolates from him.

You celebrate valentines, watch movies, talk in the middle of the night, go on a date, exchange 143s and stuff. You always do things together-but will it last forever?

Then he leaves you-leaving you hanging into nothing without anything that’s something. All messed up and there’s nothing to wipe but the tears in your eyes.

Then you’ll start to smoke and kiss guys that definitely mean nothing to you and start cursing yourself that you’ll never ever love again because it hurts more than what you’ve expected.

And then there’s you, all broken-broken because no one told you that was…. love.

Oh dear, you fell in love-not with him or with her or with anyone. You fell in love with the idea of love.

In the right time, right place, right age…. You’ll meet that person.

Just not… now.

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