What is Reading for Me?

The hobby of r e a d i n g is something I want to consider as a treasure. You see, not all people has this hobby. Not all people experience book hang-over and fictional boyfriends and friends and families and stuff. They don’t know the feeling of traveling the world and having to live with different lives with different people thru books. All they know is that reading is boring; books are boring and they only bring headaches. To state the obvious, yes it does bring headaches and stuff that are effects of reading… but let’s look at the bright side.

To read is to expand a person’s knowledge and understanding of the human world. Through books, you get to know and understand that people have different thoughts and point of views.

Through reading, you might find peace and order. How? Simply by knowing what it feels like to be in someone’s shoes. It lets you see many reasons why they’re acting such. You get to understand people. And when you get to understand people, you don’t have the reason to criticize and judge.

See the strong point? It all leads to being a better person. And by means of better person, you get to learn from others’ mistake. That’s all.

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