Be True, Be You


This is me behind the curtains. I have flaws, imperfections, and whatever you call it. But I’m proud of it. I’m always proud to be me.

Dear whoever reading this,

 Remember that we’re born to have talents and gifts. Some have it inner, some have it outer. I may not know you.. but I know there’s something in you. If you already discovered it, keep searching for more! If you don’t, never give up searching for what’s special in you. It all takes time.

  As for me, I can say I’m in between. I don’t see myself as ugly ’cause my looks came from my parents and I love my parents. To be a product of them is a big honor. So if you’re in the situation where you find yourself ugly….disregard that. Don’t be insecure. Don’t feel ugly. Outer looks are just outer looks. They’re temporary. But talent? inner beauty? They last forever. That’s why I’m telling you, you’re beautiful.

 You may not be the kindest person or the brightest person in the world, but remember what’s important is that.. you’ll always have the heart to share.

Remember this: “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.”

 I was wondering awhile ago… why in the world are there people who tell you you’re ugly even when you’re not? Is that what defines you as a person? For me, to be beautiful means accepting yourself. And by means of accepting yourself is having to accept your flaws and imperfections.

 If you’ve already been judged/criticized, then don’t do the same. Don’t let people who judged you make you reach your boiling point. Never be like them. If you observed something on someone, just keep it by yourself. In this way, there will be no issues flying around.

Criticizing someone by their looks is a disease.

I say… “avoid it, prevent it, and stop it. it pollutes the mind of the society.”

(c) Bea Flores All Rights Reserved 2015

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