Ebook vs Physical Book

If you were to buy books.. what would you choose? An ebook or a physical copy of the book? Let’s consider things out.

Let’s go with ebooks first. (Doesn’t mean I typed ebooks first mean I’m in with this side.)

Nowadays, people mostly spend their time infront of screens.. iphones, ipads, and more. Ebooks, at some point, is a choice for someone who doesn’t find magic thru reading with physical books. Moreover, ebooks are easy to bring. People can put many ebooks in just one hard drive and that’s a point!

Their are some who really isn’t the type that will put efforts in bringing bags just because of books. Besides, you can rarely find a person who doesn’t have a cellphone.. that’s when ebooks define their purpose.

To add a fact, ebook can actually save the cutting of trees. Plus the fact that ebooks are definitely cheaper than the physical book. Although ebooks can harm our eyes, it atleast helped somehow.. just in different points that a physical book can’t. It’s just a matter of usage.

On the other hand, books can also harm our eyes. But not as much as ebooks can.

Books are usually for those who really want to keep a physical copy. It’s more like saving electricity. Charging cellphones and ipads for ebooks can consume energy and that’s one of the disadvantages of ebooks.

Books are better for those who wants to buy and sell and so on. Books can be sold for half prices while ebooks can just be given thru mails and other forms of communication thru social media.

With the cons and and pros, it may be hard for us to choose what to buy. But in the end, it all depends to us. Whether an ebook or a book.. it’s still a story… just in different ways.

To be wise in buying, just consider your situation and think of which can help you. Whether in terms of financial issues or environmental issues.. the decision falls down, always to you. So it is you who has the key..

Ebooks or Books?

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