3 Ways to Help Other People Love Reading (Bookworm’s POV)

3 Ways to Help Other People Love Reading (Bookworm’s POV)

As for me, I already love reading. And that brings me to the position where I can share what I feel and what I know to people. So if you were in my position, these are the tips I use:


As a bookworm, you can always share what you feel. To be a bookworm means being part of the Bookish Industry. It’s like entering a new dimension of the world. As for me, when I was still starting to love reading.. I researched some activities and posts related to books that brought me to starting shops, blogs, and my bookstagram account. Based on my experience, well, I can say that people who belong in this kinda world, is really welcome to new bookworms. They don’t consider popularity but creativity. That brings me more into reading.. knowing that people who read books became a better person. By this, you can always have the power to share it with others. Share what it feels like to be in a new world, in one’s shoes. Try to live and adapt with their lives and see what bookworms are trying to say.


Whether you’re an adult or a teen, you can always organize a challenge. This challenge can serve as a goal for young readers.


All of us have a different way of reading.. so might as well share it. You may never know.. it might help others gain one more hobby.

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