Bookstagram: Basic Beginner’s Tips

Bookstagram: Basic Tips for Begginers

Before we move on to giving tips, I just want you to know what Bookstagram is.
What is bookstagram?

Bookstagram is basically an instagram account where you post pictures that are all about books. Some examples are book haul, to be read books, book challenge, book tags, book giveaway, announcements and many more!

Bookstagraming isn’t hard as it is with a personal account. A bookstagram can increase 25 or 30 followers a day during SUNDAY SHOUTOUTS done by the other accounts.

If you’re planning to make a bookstagram, I’ll highly recommend you the tips I used when I’m still starting my first week. So here are some tips that I’ll share with you that helped me alot:

1.) Follow bookstagram accounts as many as possible.
It’ll be better if you’ll follow many accounts. They might not followback but I’m telling you it’s worth it. You just have to stay active. Like their posts or just simply comment when you find their post interesting. It’ll give them the first sign that they should follow you.

2.) Organized feed
This might help you gain their follow. Having a good feed doesn’t mean you always have to post pictures. You just have to maintain what you have already started. Or you can set a theme that you’ll follow. It’ll be good if your feed is organized and matched to your pictures.

3.) Good Username and Bio
Having a good username’s not actually a need. You just have to make your username simple and easy to remember. Don’t use long username ’cause it’ll be hard for te followers to remember your account. Depends on you.

4.) Be friends with many accounts.
Stay humble and kind as possible as you can.

5.) Hashtags.
When posting, always use hashtags. Not only it’ll help you expose your photo but also increase your likes.

That’s all I can share for basic begginer tips. Note that I’m not famous or anything.



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